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                                                                Explore 3 Steps to Generate Results that Matter                                                                 

Transform Your


Teams coordinate in conversations, and with the right conversations you can produce team results that you never thought possible. We’ll help you develop these skills in your team to elevate your team’s performance. 

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Organization results arise from a culture of excellence and the coordination skills to align multiple teams, functions, and processes. We’ll help you understand what drives excellence in your organization and the steps you must take to produce it.  

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Your career growth as a leader comes from being able to produce increasing value with  larger groups of people in multiple functions. We’ll guide you to how  to make and fulfill bigger promises with others. 

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Leadership Challenges

Disengagement and Disconnection

You will learn to transform the way you listen and to elevate employee engagement, team performance, and create a valuable learning environment. 

Managing Breakdowns 

You’ll learn to manage breakdowns where teammates help each other, breakdowns are anticipated and resolved, customer satisfaction is managed, and learning occurs from the experience.

Creating Learning and Growth

You’ll learn to master the conversations to create your career path and growth opportunities for you and your team that take care of what matters to you.

3 Steps to Generative Leadership

  • Generative Leadership – the Discipline to Generate Results that Matter
  • Explore the Language of Leadership to:
  • Enhance your leadership impact, 
  • Elevate the results of your teams, and
  • Grow the value you can create for your organization. 

See whether this fits with the vision you hold for yourself or your organization.

Robert Dunham - Founder of the Insitute for Generative Leadership


Founder – IGL

“My early leadership was a constant challenge of going beyond my comfort zone, blind to what good leadership was really about… 

Today, everything I do is oriented to producing measurable results with impact. It takes more than models and concepts to consistently produce 8-figure results.”


The program impacted me in every aspect of my life… I’ve got my whole leadership team enrolled in the program now.

Andrea BordencaBusiness OwnerDesco

When I switched from operations to a management role, I needed some help. This will give you a process to keep the people-side of things on track.

Hiram BrownSenior Development & Operations Engineer Zulily

Blown away.  It was more than I expected.  I got answers, and then some!

Annette CanedaPrincipal Learning ConsultantKaiser Permanente

This is not just about concepts. There’s value here, and I see how I can transfer that value to my client work.

Tony JenkinsExecutive CoachCatapult

Me voy llena de herramientas y esperanza… Me voy muy complacida.

Hilda FainsodConsultora y Coach EjecutivaYour Brain Management Consulting

There are so many distinctions we take for granted… i​​​​t shows why there are so many breakdowns in organizations and relationships.

Ana ChristopherBusiness CoachKaleo Coaching

Three Ways to Get Started

Schedule a Conversation

Having a conversation is the first step in a leadership journey. We’ll explore how to help you achieve the goals that matter you.

​​​​Take Our Leadership Assessment

More than a quiz, these are questions prompt you to evaluate you leadership journey and explore what’s going to take you to the next level that you want to achieve.

Register for An Introductory Course

We teach our opening course 4 times a year across the US. Click here to see our next offering.

Are Serious about Your Leadership Development? Take Your Next Step 
Illuminate and cultivate the leader in you, elevate the performance of your teams and the results of  your organizations. Expand your capacity to create new value in the world while learning to live a good life.

We Believe

You can improve the quality of communication in your team

You can create new opportunities to take care of what matters to you

You can reduce the frequency and cost of avoidable failures

You can become more valuable to your organization and raise the standard of excellence in your teams

You can reach your next level of leadership faster and easier than going through trial and error

You can expand your comfort zone and become the leader you always wanted to follow

Leaders must coach their teams to achieve excellence

Coaches need to understand what it means to be a leader

You can make a difference

It all starts with a conversation.

When you’re ready, register for our Foundations of Generative Leadership course.

Or take our online leadership assessment to explore the areas we help develop your leadership.

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