Generative Leadership Program

The Generative Leadership Program™ (GLP) is designed to fill the gaps in the foundations of traditional management understanding. It leverages and strengthens the competencies and skills that you already have, and gives successful executives and managers advanced skills to elevate their own performance as well as their team’s. GLP provides new paradigms, a focus on building skills through practice, and learning experientially through your actual work and life commitments.

This is an opportunity for leaders, executives, teams, and managers to create more effective organizations. Participants in GLP emerge from the experience with a permanent new way to see action and opportunity in the world and with enhanced power to produce extraordinary results.

“This course is for the practicing professional. I was promoted five times in the three years that I was studying with IGL. The program would be worth ten times its cost.”


Sam Ramji – VP

Going beyond traditional management learning
and teaching to focus on:

New Paradigms of Action, Coordination, and Learning

Produce a new way to see the world, action, and management with a new paradigm. Learn how action and coordination is shaped by conversation and commitment. Enter a more powerful framework of embodied learning through practice, going beyond just understanding.

Practice, not just Theory

Focus on the competent execution of new action-based practices of management which strengthen your ability to see what to do and get it done in your organization. Relevance and Impact – you are guided to apply these practices in your work to improve your and your team’s effectiveness.

Feedback and Coaching

Receive personal coaching twice a month on your challenges and issues in leadership and management on the job.

Replacing Old Habits with New

Learn how to go beyond what has previously been difficult for you and to produce new, more effective management habits.

Management from Strategy to Execution

Learn new interpretations and skills for leadership, team building, planning and projects, as well as for design and innovation – turning vision into effective action.

Generative Leadership Program (GLP) Curriculum

Professional Leadership Development

Managing Commitments, Managing Results
  1. Managing Action Practice (MAP) – managing multiple major commitments
  2. Managing Capacity – avoiding and getting out of overwhelm
  3. Projects – Team Managing Action Practice (TMAP) – managing team promises
  4. Grounding Commitments in Time – manage the promises, not just the time
  5. The Path to Mastery – what are you mastering?
Leading Teams and Team Leadership – the key conversations
  1. Rhythms of Conversation – the key rhythms of work and teamwork
  2. Planning – commitment based planning
  3. Managing Energy – the right action takes the right energy; rest and renewal
  4. Embodied Learning – focus on practice, not just understanding
  5. Core Competencies of Management – the 5 key domains and standards
  6. Core Competencies Assessments – and development plans
  7. Leadership and Declaring Games – games as the structure of action and success
  8. Embodiment of Leadership –full-body presence beyond just understanding
Managing Value & Waste
  1. Master Scheduling – how to see the big picture
  2. Measures & Metrics – the design of what to pay attention to that guides decisions
  3. Lean – Value and Waste – the key aspects of process improvement and design
  4. The Value Stream – seeing how value is created in your processes
  5. Value Flow – what makes high coordination processes
  6. Pull and Perfection – principles of process design
  7. Allies – it takes more than your own team to do big things – you need alliances
  8. A Fresh Look – how are you learning? Look again at your world with new eyes
  9. Self-Assessment – are you managing?
Value Creation
  1. Reading the World – see the trends, innovations, threats and opportunities
  2. Living a Good Life – how to integrate work into a good life
  3. Generative Leadership – the 19 key principles and practices
  4. Innovation and Value Creation – demystify innovation and value creation
  5. Value Creation – what it is and how to do it
  6. Designing Winning Games – beyond just working harder
  7. Strategy – what it is, how to do it – the strategy conversation
Generative Leadership
  1. The Generative Foundations of Leadership – where leadership comes from
  2. The Responsibilities of a Leader – to lead is to have power – you must use it well
  3. Power of Not Knowing – not knowing is the start of action, not the barrier to it
  4. Organizational Change – requires the right conversation at the right time
  5. Leadership Presence – can be developed with practice
  6. Power and Politics – these are unavoidable, not bad;
  7. Reflections and Completion –– are you ready?

Ready to Take the Next Generative Step or Want to Learn More?

What You Get in the Generative Leadership Program

  • Includes Building Your Leadership Muscle Program
  • 3 In-person Generative Leadership conferences
  • 11 Personal Coaching Sessions
  • Placement on a Learning Team
  • 2-3 Learning Team Coaching Sessions
  • Access to the Online Portal – includes program curriculum

Organizations in today’s world require new awareness and uncommon skills in our leaders to make the real impact needed. The skills to not only provide direction, but to see the bigger landscape of our companies, the market, competition and our work. These skills can only be developed through learning, practice and on-the-job application.


Are you ready to make a bigger impact through your leadership?