A unique framework for elevating your leadership and coaching impact

Generative Leadership brings forth decades of research into our leadership and development programs. When combined with a structure for learning that involves practice through on-the-job application, leaders and coaches find the best integration and use of learning that they know at their core

What we believe


We believe leadership and coaching can and should be more impactful than just the numbers. In fact, they can produce the numbers while also creating the space for those that we work with to have inspiring and fulfilling lives.

To truly be successful, we must learn. We must practice the skills. It is not sufficient to know about leadership. One must know how to lead (or coach others to lead), from an embodied space. Much like the pro tennis player or a doctor, we must practice our discipline, so that we can perform and lead with finesse.

the power of THE possible


All possibilities exist in conversations.

The possibilities we want to create start in conversations. When we become clear on what matters most, we can engage in conversations with ourselves and others about how we design a desired future state. They are the conversations for new possibilities that produce the results that matter most.

The beauty is that our creative minds can take us far beyond the boundaries that defined our context previously.

Sometimes it calls us to learn new skills, conversations or practices. They are all possible. We all can bring forth the best version of ourselves through the possibilities we bring to the world.

What’s calling you?

Our Promise To You


  • Provide the distinctions and practices of a new generative discipline of leadership and management.
  • Assist you to develop yourself into a more effective leader, manager, entrepreneur, or coach in teams and organizations.
  • Introduce you to a permanent, new way to see action and opportunity in the world and how to enhance your power to produce them.
  • Help you generate new conversations, presence, and results in a journey to fulfill your leadership potential and make your contribution in the world.

The Leadership Team

Robert Dunham (Bob) has worked since 1981 as an executive, consultant, educator and coach to executives, management teams, and coaches worldwide in Leadership, communication, teamwork, and people process redesign. He is founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL), which has affiliates in India.

Bob Dunham
Founder, IGL
Greg Karl is the CEO of the Institute for Generative Leadership. He is also the Principle and Executive Coach of Step Change Leader, a Denver, CO, based coaching and facilitation firm. Greg is an expert in personal and team leadership development and effectiveness. He is a published author and speaker and is a certified Ontological Coach, EOS Implementer, and OKR Facilitator.

Greg and his wife, Michelle, are passionate about giving their time to developing personal and organizational leadership and regularly contribute to helping others in the MS Society, The Adoption Exchange, UC Health, MOPS, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

Greg Karl
CEO of the Institute for Generative Leadership

The COaching Team

Andrés Novoa

Barbara Hauser

Brian Branagan

Croft Edwards

Gail McDonald

Jack Johnson

Jan Irene Miller

Josephina Santiago

Kim Frerichs

Lynnette Yount

Maribell Gonzalez Encinales

Marta Magnus

Pam Fox Rollin

Phyllis Arceneaux

Scott Blessing

Sonia Bu

Terrie Lupberger

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