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Leaders and coaches that want real results must commit to a path of excellence in their development. This happens through practice, community (and one on one) support and on-the-job application. At IGL we have learned you can amplify your existing skills by integrating new frameworks, shifting your context and incorporating practices. Join a community of practice and elevate your impact with on-the-job application and customized personal coaching.

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As a Generative Leader You Will:

  • Lead and generate new results valuable to your company and customers (that your company needs)
  • Grow your identity and impact as a leader
  • Create new value from what you know and what you don’t know
  • Align and lead your teams to go beyond the old barriers
  • Develop your skills in making powerful assessments, solving problems, and strategy
  • Succeed with more ease through expanded perspective

As a Generative Coach You Will:

  • Grow your value and success as a coach in organizations
  • Get a competitive advantage with organizational clients over other coaches
  • Learn to build robust, valuable (scalable) offers and grow your practice
  • Improve your skills as a coach and leader
  • Earn CCEUs for your ICF accreditation
  • Engage with a rich community of practice

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Why We’re Different

Leadership is a performance art – your results come from your skills not your understanding. Generative leadership goes beyond understanding to build your results through on-the-job application. IGL offers learning in a dojo-style, practice-based context. You get personal coaching, customized learning, a collaborative community of practice, and development focused on your results. Whether you're looking to improve a team's performance, value creation, strategy development, innovation or your personal leadership or coaching impact IGL enables you to move to a new level of value as leader and coach in today’s marketplace.

  • Generative Successes

    Terrie Lupberger

    I coach executives and consult with companies to elevate the performance of their leaders and teams. My business has exploded and I work all over the world, but it wasn’t always this way. I had to go from a career path that was draining me to find my passion and meaningful work. And, just as important, I had to find and develop the competence to make and fulfill bigger and bigger promises to my clients and myself.

  • Generative Successes

    Dev Chelliah

    I have been the Managing Owner of HVJ North Texas, headquartered in Dallas, Texas for the last two years. HVJ North Texas is a franchise of HVJ Associates, a geotechnical and construction materials engineering and testing services consulting company. Becoming a business owner has been a big challenge and opportunity for my team and me, but we have done well with our revenue increasing from $4.2 million to over $6 million since 2016.

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  • Generative Successes

    Andrea Bordenca

    I’m currently CEO and Chairperson for DESCO, a medical equipment service and staffing organization serving 14 states. I had to guide the company through a turnaround and elevate my impact as a leader within DESCO. I’m pleased to say that now the company is healthy, growing, and with recent acquisitions of other small companies, we are over six million dollars in annual revenue.

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  • Generative Successes

    Andy Robbins

    My career journey has been one of corporate executive assignments that led me to discover my passion for helping people form high performing collaborative teams. My journey in corporate life spanned over twenty five years in Intel including managing organizations of hundreds of employees…

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  • Herb Johnson, CEO of HVJ Associates

    Generative Successes

    Herb Johnson

    In the last five years we’ve doubled the gross revenue of our company to nearly twenty million dollars a year, set records for net margins, and improved our company to the point that in two of the last three years we have received the PSMJ Circle of Excellence Award and the Premier Award for Client Satisfaction. These successes are a side effect of something more fundamental and important that we have focused on – learning and a commitment to leadership excellence.

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  • Kaytura-Felix-Generative-Success-Profile-pic

    Generative Successes

    Kay Felix

    I recently was selected to be in charge of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Leadership for Better Health programs. The foundation is the largest philanthropic organization focused on health and has focused on improving America’s most pressing health issues for over forty years.

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  • Generative Successes

    Alex Lindblad

    With new clarity about the power of committed conversations I found a company that wanted me to be their Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and I was upfront and clear that my family was moving to Germany and that I was confident I could manage the team remotely. I now manage a team of 19 developers that are distributed in five countries around the globe.

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