The One Thing You Need to Lead Effectively

What if you discovered you are at this moment carrying a powerful tool for creating an even brighter future? And, what if you realized that learning to use this tool more effectively could upgrade your life and career more swiftly than getting a smarter phone or a faster car? You have that amazing tool with you […]

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8 Principles Improvisation Teaches Us About Leadership and Life //

Eight Principles Improvisation Teaches Us About Leadership and Life

Every improviser has a process — and at the very critical points, they ditch it and follow their gut. Why is this important to Leadership? Improvisation is thought to be one of the most frightening gigs around yet is exhilarating once mastered. When in performance, improvisers in front of an audience are thrown suggestions at […]

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Beyond Execution, the Missing Piece in Coordination

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” – Henri Frederic Amiel   The common misconception in leadership and our work together is that when we’re done executing a project, that our coordination is complete. We can plan and prepare, […]

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The 4 Missing Conversations That Disrupt Execution

Without execution, ‘vision’ is just another word for hallucination.  – Mark V. Hurd When we declare our vision, or when we coordinate action with our teams, we can have all of the pieces in place. The right ideas, the right conversations, clarity on who is doing what, and in the end, we still find dissatisfaction. […]

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The Only 4 Answers in Negotiation that Create a Future

Successful negotiation is not about getting to ‘yes;’ it’s about mastering ‘no’ and understanding what the path to an agreement is. – Christopher Voss In today’s business environment, multiple stages of coordination are often missing when working with teams, and at the very least missing a key conversation in one of the stages. “I need […]

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What Alexa Won’t Tell You About a “Conversation for Action”

“Fortune favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur. Most requests made in businesses today are incomplete, or the very least lacking information to coordinate fully. We believe this is because of a lack of preparation. While this might sound like a trivial thing when coordination becomes difficult, costs increase and no one likes more costs. […]

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Alexa, “What is a Conversation for Action?”

Coordination as a Series of Conversations for Action “Hey, can you have that report for me by Friday?” It sounds like such a simple “ask”, and yet that request triggers a series of complex conversations necessary for people or teams to work together. And, when not done well, could cost businesses billions in lost productivity […]

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When Quitting is Winning //

When Quitting is Winning

“I’m not a quitter.” This is a virtue that is widely held in our culture. We don’t quit, we just forge on even harder. Unfortunately, this virtue is too easily overdone and can become the real problem in our work and lives. When we do quit, it’s often late and with a cost. In our […]

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Manage Promises, Not Activities //

Manage Promises, Not Activities

We live in a culture that thinks about actions in concrete frameworks. That means people tend to think in terms of activities, tasks, the stuff you can see that gets produced. What is missing is that every professional action is intended to satisfy someone and that someone wants to be assured that they will be […]

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Creating Breakdowns That Add Value to Our Organization //

Creating Breakdowns That Add Value to Your Organization

Interruptions that require a reorientation to the future are a natural part of life. The universe and life are so huge and beyond us that we can never control life, nature, and the flow of the universe. But, what we do with these interruptions determines our power to create our future. We’ve used the name […]

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