In following your Leadership Development path, we, at IGL, offer to be a guide through the steps of new awareness of what it takes to be your best as a leader. Second, we give you the support to practice on the job to build your leadership muscles and results. Third, we introduce you to the professional skill sets of leaders who create more value than others.

The learning steps in our programs are a 3-day workshop to become aware of what highly effective leaders must do. It is followed by a 4-month program to practice the professional skills in leadership conversations and actions on the job with personal coaching and daily practices. You are then prepared for the following step of the first 8 months of being introduced to the professional skill sets of highly effective leaders.

In this third step forward in your leadership development, there is a track for leaders and managers – the Generative Leadership Program (GLP) – and a track for coaches who coach leaders – the Coaching Excellence in Organization (CEO) program.

In these 8 months, you receive 11 personal coaching sessions and four team coaching sessions. You receive eight key practices for elevating team performance, improving coordination, effectively dealing with breakdowns, and establishing more productive working relationships. You also have three 3 ½ day live conferences, one every four months, and you join a community of learners and practitioners of high impact leadership.

The key is that your learning is focused on on-the-job actions and results with personal coaching guidance. You will learn to:

  • Manage your commitments and the breakdowns that threaten them
  • Manage capacity and help yourself and your teams avoid overcommitment
  • Guide the conversations of your teams to elevate teamwork and be more productive
  • Establish our own agenda for having a good life as part of your career growth

The GLP and CEO programs include the FGL 3-day workshop and the 4-month EGL leadership-muscle building program as prior steps. Take your leadership to the level of being a professional in high impact and high-value generative leadership. 

For those who enroll in our GLP or CEO for the full first year (including the FGL workshop and the EGL program), you will receive a discount of over $1,400 for the first year’s tuition.

When is it time to learn and become your best self? Every day is an opportunity lost if you are not on your learning path with guides to help you become your best as a leader. We, at IGL, invite you to your journey into your new future of new contribution you can make as a leader.

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