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Coaching Excellence in Organizations

Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) is a multi-year, graduate-level program for experienced coaches.

It empowers coaches to deliver greater value to clients by showing them how to identify and address the underlying concerns and opportunities in their organizations.


In the CEO program you will:

  • Design and bring shifts to leadership and management
  • Create frameworks for managing satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and expectations
  • Deal productively and creatively with overwhelm and capacity (yours and your clients)
  • Explore the skills, abilities, and wisdom needed to lead and organize with today’s speed and complexity
  • Develop your emotional capacity and work with your clients to do the same
  • Measure the impact of your coaching
  • Explore the crucial dimension of moods and emotions in organizational life, and their role in leadership impact
  • Add value to your offer as a successful executive coach
  • Be supported by a team of high-level peers in a challenging environment
  • Using the very best practices for coaching leaders and teams, CEO-trained coaches learn to increase their performance AND their well-being
  • Earn ICF CCEUs upon completion


“Our success, or not, in business or in life is a function of the conversations we’re having, not having, and how well we are having them.”

Bob Dunham


Bob’s Video – Understanding Value

What is your “value proposition?” The value you are perceived to offer influences your identity and what people are prepared to accept from you.


CEO Program Details

Attending one Foundations of Generative Leadership Workshop and completing the EGL program are prerequisites for joining the CEO program. Once you have completed the EGL program you will be invited to join a team of fellow learners and be assigned a personal coach to accompany you in your learning. Additional coursework, team work, and individual coaching between in-person conferences will follow.

How will Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) help me in my business?

As a CEO practitioner, you will be able to make and fulfill bigger, more powerful offers that produce value for your internal and external clients. CEO gives you a path to do that consistently and effectively.

What is the CEO community of practice?

When you register for CEO, you join an ongoing, collaborative community of highly talented and experienced leaders, coaches and consultants deeply committed to sharpening and honing their skills. They consistently create new opportunities, elevate professional standards, and expand what is possible in their professions.

What action steps can I take to learn more about CEO?

1. Ask yourself: “Am I ready to invest in myself and my path towards mastery?” CEO is a rigorous and comprehensive program designed to change the way you show up in the world, approach challenges and opportunities, and generate results.

Throughout the program, we engage in recurrent practices for the sake of improving our performance and enhancing the effectiveness of the leaders, teams, and organizations we work with. CEO participants are most successful when they open to new ways of doing and being, fully engage in new practices, and take personal ownership for their results.

2. Get out your calendar – Register for one of our free conference calls or webinars to learn more – then register for a 3-day Foundations for Generative Leadership (FGL) workshop and start experiencing the value of CEO first hand.

3. Give us a call – Set up a conversation or complimentary consultation with one of our program advisers. There is no obligation when you have these conversations, and they will help you get clear about your plans. Drop us a line at info@generateleadership.com and we’ll set up a chat with you.

Our program advisers are experienced CEO practitioners who can help you explore what you care about, compare your desired outcomes with what CEO offers, and determine whether CEO will be a fit for you. If CEO is not a fit, they will help you explore other options.

If you decide you are ready to register for one of our programs, your program adviser will also help you plan dates and logistics and get you any answers you need to be sure about your decision.


3 Steps to Coaching Excellence in Organizations

If you are ready to take your leadership impact and the performance of your business or new venture to a new level we invite you to explore the possibilities and promises provided by the Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) Program.

Step 1 FGL

Foundations of Generative Leadership

Step 2EGL

Excellence in Generative Leadership

Step 3CEO

Coaching Excellence in Organizations

What do you Get in CEO?

Excellence in Generative Leadership – Key Foundational Practices as part of CEO Year 1:

  1. Initiating the Practice of Practice – 1 week
  2. Practice 1: Care Conversation – 2 Weeks
  3. Practice 2: Conversation for Action – 4 weeks – Coordinate Action and Results
  4. Practice 3: Reporting on a Promise (customer and performer) – 3 Weeks
  5. Practice 4: Making Assessments about Assessments – 1 Week
  6. Practice 5: Trust – 1 Week
  7. Practice 6: Breakdown Management – 3 Weeks
  8. Consolidation and Next Steps – 2 weeks

Coaching Excellence in Organizations


Excellence in Execution-Year 1:

  1. The Managing Action Practice (MAP)
  2. Managing Capacity and Overwhelm

CEO Project – begins here, maximum of 28 weeks

  1. Getting Your Offers Accepted
  2. The Team Managing Action Practice (TMAP)
  3. Moods and Emotions
  4. Constitutive Conversations of Teams
  5. Breakdowns and Coaching Offers in Organizations

Generative Leadership-Year 2:

  1. Planning and Navigation: Creating a Shared Future
  2. The Conversational Anatomy of Organizations
  3. Value Creation as a Coach
  4. Designing Our Games

CEO Project – begins here, maximum of 36 weeks

  1. The Generative Foundations of Leadership
  2. Generative Leadership
  3. The Power of Not Knowing
  4. The Leadership Moment – Presence and Center
  5. Power, Politics, and Care
  6. Innovation Conversations and Skills

Impact in the World-Year 3:

  1. Organizational Change and Innovation
  2. Designing Bigger Promises
  3. CEO Project – begins here, maximum of 40 weeks
  4. The Conversational Anatomy of Leadership
  5. Getting Your Offers Accepted
  6. Living a Good Life
  7. Excellence in Execution
  8. The Next Offer
  9. Takin’ It To The Streets
  10. Final Assessments


Your 3 Steps to Coaching Excellence in Organizations

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