Learning to elevate your leadership impact and skills takes more than being aware of what these skills are. It takes practice to grow and hone these skills. Having a body does not make you a high-level athlete. But with practice, you can become your best as an athlete.

Leadership is similar because it is also a performance art. You have to practice your skills and constantly grow and refine them in your work and career or you will stagnate.

IGL leadership programs are designed to go beyond academic conceptual learning to real action learning. In our programs, you work with a personal coach, a learning team, and apply action skills to your real work commitments.

The second step in your IGL leadership development path is the phase of “building your leadership muscles.” It’s about putting powerful new perspectives to work every day to create higher value results with your teams, organizations, and in your career. This is the phase that is missing from most leadership learning programs – learning in action on the job for real results!

In our building action skills program, Excellence in Generative Leadership (EGL), you practice daily for four months with crucial new moves in your leadership conversations and actions. You get 20 hours of video, 22 hours of audio, weekly assignments and worksheets, plus four personal coaching sessions and seven teach coaching sessions with colleagues. The focus is your results on the job.

This is the Leadership Game phase. In our opening workshop, the Foundations of Generative Leadership (FGL) workshop, you are introduced to a powerful new game of leadership performance.

In this second step of your growth journey, you practice your new skills on the job with coaching guidance. Do you learn tennis without practice? No. You learn about tennis, but not tennis. Leadership is the same. It’s a performance art – we offer to be your guide and coach top build your skills in action.

We invite you to join your Excellence in Generative Leadership program and build your leadership muscles and results.

The EGL workshop is the second step on your path to growing your leadership skills and results. The EGL includes the FGL workshop to introduce the necessary Awareness of what you have been missing.

Step 2 is Growing Your Leadership Skills in new actions on the job.

Step 3 is Developing Professional the Skillset of a high impact leader.


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