We need new Awareness for stepping forward into developing our leadership and leadership results. What are our results we want from new awareness? Better team performance, better career progress, bigger impact in your work life.

How does new awareness produce better team and career results? It has to do with becoming more aware of how teamwork and coordination skill leads to better results and higher value outcomes. This builds your identity as a professional.

What are these teamwork and coordination skills? It turns out that they all have to be expressed in the particular skills of conversation that initiate, shape, and guide actions.

We have found in our work with leaders and coaches who coach leaders spanning almost 40 years that leadership development is a learning journey. We need to be learning the right skills as action skills, not just models and concepts. We need guides who can show us the path of developing these new perspectives and skills.

At IGL, we have spent decades guiding committed leaders in their development paths to grow skills that produce measurable results in your work, with your teams, and in your career. In our programs, you will work with personal coaches working on your real work commitments and actions.

We invite you to take your first step to amplify your skills and impact as a leader at our next Foundations of Generative Leadership workshops.

New awareness creates new choices. Give yourself the choice for expanding your leadership growth.

The FGL workshop is the first step on path to growing your leadership skills. We start with new Awareness of what you have been missing.

Step 2 is Growing Your Leadership Skills in new actions on the job.

Step 3 is Developing Professional the Skillset of a high impact leader. 


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