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Foundations of Generative Leadership workshop Newfield Partnership

The Foundations of Generative Leadership (FGL) workshop takes you past the blind spots of mainstream culture to explore how the aspects of communication, coordination, language, emotions, and embodied learning enable us to more powerfully generate the future we care about instead of living with our unexamined limits. We focus on real world skills and strategies, and introduce you to practices that go beyond concepts to embodied skills in action.

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Action Learning – The Power of Practice

You learn in action, going beyond conceptual understanding through experiential learning. You expand that experiential learning through the power of continued practice. After the workshop, you will be able to produce actions, conversations, and results that you couldn’t before. Through the practices that you learn, you will continue building your capabilities after the workshop.

The Fundamentals of Effective Human Interaction We Examine Include:

  • Competencies in language, emotions, and embodiment
  • Being an observer of how we observe
  • Human coordination of action to address current difficulties, challenges, and skills in organizational life – distrust and rebuilding trust, effective teamwork, productive judgment, effective coping with breakdowns, value creation, presence, and leadership impact