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Addressing Customer Dissatisfaction

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We find customers in the world of exchanges and business, but also in the world of agreements. People are satisfied or not in how others fulfill agreements, meet standards, or treat them as people whose concerns are worthy of attention and respect.

When you perform with others in a way that they are satisfied, then you build a positive identity, grow trust, are seen to provide value, and have customers willing and interested to share the future with you. This is true whether the customer is a paying client, a friend, colleague, or family member.

When dissatisfaction occurs it is sometime voiced to create an opportunity to deal with it. But mostly it is a silent withdrawal. Many of us live in a world where producing dissatisfaction is shameful, fearful, or must be ignored. Yet as professionals, coaches or leaders, dissatisfaction is an inescapable part of sharing agreements and actions with others. Rather then being an indelible block to future engagement, dissatisfaction can be seen as missing actions and missing conversations. It can be a gift to recover, enhance, and learn from prior interactions.

Join us in this free conference call with Bob Dunham to hear how to more powerfully frame customer dissatisfaction as an opportunity. In this call we will illuminate practices for addressing customer dissatisfaction that grow a relationship rather then diminish it, grow trust, and grow eventual satisfaction.


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