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Coaching is a way to enable clients to produce outcomes that they value. One of the challenges for coaches, particularly less experienced ones, is that they try to sell “coaching.” No one wants coaching. They want the outcomes that coaching can enable.

What do organizational clients want? In some cases they provide coaching services as part of a professional’s development package, or to solve particular performance issues. But there is a higher value focus possible for coaching offers, which is the performance of an entire team or function in the organization. Being able to able to offer promises of valuable organizational outcomes, rather than just the coaching service itself, is a core focus for our Coaching Excellence in Organizations professional development program.

Join Bob Dunham in this free conference call to explore the territory of valuable coaching offers that organizations are looking for, including team performance, value creation, culture change, innovation, and organizational change, and measurable performance shifts. We’ll cover a range of these offers and illuminate the fundamental coaching frameworks and skills that are needed to make this class of offers and to fulfill them in the organizational world.


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