Coaching Excellence Webinar

Coaching Leaders to Improve Their Leadership Results

July 17th at 12 pm ET/10 am MT/9 am PT

What is real leadership development? How do we develop ourselves as leaders and support others around us in their leadership development? How do we use our results as feedback and guidance to elevate our impact and results?

Based on over 38 years of the Institute’s engagement with leadership development and with thousands of learners in our leadership development programs, IGL’s founder Bob Dunham will share powerful perspectives to illuminate the territory of leadership development, its pitfalls, and the essentials of the effective path.

As professionals, we must go beyond just personal experience to have a clear framework of the skills that constitute good leadership and the coaching of leaders. We also must have an effective framework of how to learn these skills and apply them on the job to the results of our teams and organizations.

In this webinar, we will also address a dimension that is too often left out of the leadership development story: to build leadership in the context of health, dignity, and meaning that is part of a good life, not just techniques for sacrificing and demanding more.

Join Bob Dunham in this free webinar to learn about key dimensions of leadership and how to take a powerful next step in your own leadership development journey and the journey of others.

We’ll explore:

  • What is leadership?
  • How to embody leadership skills
  • How to generate improved results for leaders, customers, teams, and organizations.

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The Coaching Excellence webinar is a monthly webinar for people interested in the conversation of Generative Leadership.

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