Leadership Circle | What is Strategic Leadership?

A FREE conference call, on June 7, 10 AM Mountain Time

There are many ideas about what strategy really is and an often voiced complaint that how to do it seems mysterious. That can lead to a lack of clarity about what strategic leadership is, as well. But we have a sense that strategy has to do with the design of the overall game, not just working hard at the default game.
In this call we will explore how we can make strategy and strategic leadership clear, actionable, and valuable in their outcomes. We will look at how to design winning games with winning strategies, and how to provide leadership that produces committed players and ownership with a new strategy.
Join Bob Dunham in this free Leadership Circle conference call to explore how to assess and design effective strategy, and cultivate the leadership for ownership, execution, and success with the strategy.

The Generative Leadership Circle is a monthly conference call for people interested in the conversation of Generative Leadership.

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    What is Strategic Leadership?

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