Leadership Circle | What is Value Creation and How Do You Do it?

A FREE conference call, on August 9, 10 AM Mountain Time

We think we can see value when we see prices. The marketplace tends to set prices through competition and then we try to add “value” or tell a story that increases sales. On the personal level we sense that value is what you value. But how do we create it, design it, and grow it?

Value is one of these important concepts that is unclear for most people. Prices are a side effect of value, so what is value? And what we personally value is powerless unless it helps us create it. So what is value creation?

Join Bob Dunham on this Leadership Circle conference call to explore a generative interpretation of value, meaning one that you can take action to produce. We’ll clarify the elements of value, what actions create value, and how to put into practice cultivating value in your commercial offers and in your choices for creating a good life. Use this call to clarify your own standards for value and practices for creating it in your work and life.

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