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Manage Your Team’s Mood
so the Mood Doesn’t Manage Your Team

A FREE conference call, on April 5, 10 AM Mountain Time

Moods are powerful – and contagious. They open and close possibilities, energy, and actions. With the discovery of “emotional intelligence” we are finally understanding that moods and emotions are not private, internal states. They are on public display and shape actions and results. We can’t achieve excellence from resignation, nor teamwork for resentment.

Moods and emotions must be a responsibility and skill for leaders and professionals. They are about actions and results, not just about personal feelings. Emotions are triggered by events, moods are the emotional states that precede any event. Teams have moods as well as individuals. Distrust, resignation, or fear can become the default state of a team. But so can ambition, passion, and determination.

If we don’t manage moods, then they manage us. If the team’s mood isn’t something we create, then it is something we endure. Join Bob Dunham in this free conference call to explore the leadership skills of managing moods, first for ourselves, and then for our teams. To be effective as leaders or teams we must learn to manage our moods.

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    Manage Your Team’s Mood So It Doesn’t Manage the Team

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