Leadership Circle Webinar:
New Business Development Skills to Help You Achieve Your 2019 Income Goal

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Leadership Circle webinar on WEDNESDAY, December 5th at 7:00am PT | 8:00am MT | 9:00am CT | 10:00am ET

Please join us for this highly interactive webinar where you can learn and test drive four key skills to increase your 2019 income. The third webinar in the business development series, IGL Community Members Barbara Hauser, Leadership Transition Coach and Gary Mitchiner, Revenue Growth Coach will teach and coach fellow community members to help them prepare for the coming new year. 

The four topics are:

1. Establishing targeted prospect selection criteria and scoring (how to have more clients like your very best clients)

2. Establishing Your Network of Help to Get Warm Introductions: List of professionals with whom you reciprocate with – you help them and they help you.

3. Messaging to your Network of Help to request warm introductions (not referrals – big difference).

4. Establishing your 2019 New Business Math – the mathematical path to your 2019 income goal

As we did on the two prior webinars, Gary will introduce the skills and distinctions, and Barbara will demonstrate their use in growing her business.

Barbara Hauser has dedicated her career to helping global leaders achieve growth in their business objectives and significance in their professional lives.  The spark that animates Barbara’s coaching and facilitation work is her entrepreneurial spirit and disciplined approach to learning for the sake of growth.  The experience that grounds her interventions in real-world business issues has been culled from a wide range of client engagements in multiple industries within the both the US and Latin America.

With over 30 years of living and working in Latin America, Barbara is exceptionally effective working in Latin America business settings and cultures.  She delivers training and coaching in both English and Spanish.

Gary Mitchiner is the founder of The Growth Leaders, LLC – a Chicago-based business growth-coaching firm who is hired by growth leaders at professional service firms and organizations. Gary is an accomplished growth coach who has helped individual leaders, teams, divisions, companies and corporations collaborate to achieve new levels of business and professional growth.

Gary’s core expertise is teaching and coaching people on the use rare, unpublished advanced listening and positioning skills.  His clients use these skills to be relevant everywhere they go and to take great care with each relationship in their business life. They become highly preferred and have a significant following of people who want to collaborate with them. Their productivity increases and their incomes rise 77% on average in two years– without working harder and longer.

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    New Business Development Skills to Help You Achieve Your 2019 Income Goal