Generative Success Profile
Kay Felix, M.D.

I recently was selected to be in charge of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Leadership for Better Health programs. The foundation is the largest philanthropic organization focused on health and has focused on improving America’s most pressing health issues for over forty years. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to support the leaders in […]

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Time Management - going from no time to a time oasis

Are You Time Starved?

An aspect of our current era is the widening experience of being time starved. We have more technology, tools, and access to media to supposedly help us, but a common experience is that we are not just “busy,” a common comment from our yesterdays, but we now feel that we don’t have any time at […]

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Your Time is your Work of Art

There are many ways we can think about our lives and live it. Some see their lives as prisons of obligation. Some see it as full of work that they sacrifice to. Yes our lives can also be a work of art. Designing a good life is an ancient theme that is missing for many […]

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Create Your Time Oasis

Many are discovering that today’s life- and work-style takes them to a “time desert” where you feel you have no time, no choice, and your world is compressed. We can either endure the desert or look to create our own “time oases” in our lives. What is a time oasis? It’s the experience of where […]

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Steps - Elevate

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level – Part 2

In the first post of “Take Your Leadership to the Next Level”, we introduced the idea of Leadership Context, as a way to begin shifting how we see what leadership is, and how to become an effective leader. A part of creating context, is identifying our cares and those of the people we work with. […]

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FGL Foundations of Generative LeadershipThe Foundations of Generative Leadership (FGL) is a 3-1/2 day workshop that can shift your future and that of your teams, organizations, or communities. This experience amplifies and augments the skills that you already have and opens up new dimensions of leadership impact, to invent a better future for yourself, your [...]
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Enabling Leaders to Create Possibilities, Action and Value

Me, We, World – Meaning and Value in Organizations.

ME. Step 1. What does it mean to become your best self? To tap into your aliveness, vitality and power? The path to the possible is not written by your past, but is illuminated by your care. To open this dimension of “ME” we invite you to begin to ask yourself the question: What do […]

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Snowdrop flowers in springtime season

The Time for Rest and Renewal

Ancient wisdom tells us that Winter is a time for rest and renewal. But in our culture we turn on the lights, turn up the heat, get some caffeine and keep on truckin’. Some music with a downbeat fills the emptiness quite well. What is the consequence to have no Winter in our lives? And […]

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The Biggest Lie of the MBA

Just like the emperor with no clothes, many MBA programs wear the clothes of leadership through their marketing, but that leadership is invisible without the corresponding development of new skills. There is an approach that addresses that gap.

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