Whole Body Learning: How to Cultivate Connection & Impact


In this conversation Andrea will share a generative interpretation of what learning is and explore how to learn to learn to open up new possibilities for ourselves and others in our learning and working environments.

Discover the possibilities that you can create from new developments in biology, psychology, and applied somatics. Together we will reveal:

* How our individual history impacts our capacity to learn
* How stress impacts our ability to learn
* How to cultivate connection
* How to increase impact and power

Andrea Bordenca is the Founder of Lead Yourself Youth, Inc and Chairperson and CEO of DESCO Medical Service.

Andrea’s focus is on leadership & learning to youth & aspiring leaders. Andrea’s approach to leadership is holistic, combines eastern & western philosophy with a focus on building coherence with our physical body, emotional intelligence & our historical narratives inspired by the work of the Institute for Generative Leadership, Newfield Network and Strozzi Institute.

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