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Join us for our upcoming conversation:

The Empty Box Experience – WOOP Factor

Host: Bruce Wilhelm

August 4, 2022

12 pm – 1:15 pm ET
11 am – 12:15 pm CT/MEX
9 am – 10:15 am PT
4 pm – 5:15 pm GMT


Together, we are creating a community where people come together to connect, practice, and share in a safe, stimulating, and nurturing space, enriching learning opportunities and networking while simultaneously broadening the generative discourse for the sake of living in a world where everyone thrives. 

Join us for an exciting 75-minute session!

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Our Next Conversation

The Empty Box Experience – Value the Invisible. Your Leadership Will Thrive. 

Our dreams, wishes, and goals can ignite from positive thinking. But positive thinking alone doesn’t always produce results. We will introduce you to a technique developed by Professor Gabriele Oettingen called WOOP. The WOOP technique adds cognitive tools such as mental contrasting to your process to build conscious and unconscious bridges between your goal and the desired outcome.

This guided experience will give you new (formally invisible) tools to look at your goals and your behavior to help you create a more clear path to success.

Gabriele Oettingenis a professor of psychology at New York University and the University of Hamburg. Her research and techniques focus on how people think about the future, and how this impacts cognition, emotion, and behavior.

Meet the Host: Bruce Wilhelm

Bruce is a second-generation Denver native with a BS degree in Marketing. He discovered the power of leadership when he succeeded his father in a landscape care business in the mid-1970s. Bruce grew the business and sold it in the mid-1990s to a national company. He is most proud of his early leadership through creating an inspiring culture that developed along with a strong focus on innovation and customer care.

 Bruce’s admitted superpowers over his career include software development, telecommunications, marketing and messaging development, powerful visual storytelling as well as working internationally with startup customer support centers in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Bruce’s varied career experience ignited his strong passion for helping professionals step into their own superpowers as inspiring, relevant, and influential leaders.


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