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Coaching with Neuro-Diverse Clients

Host: Lynnette Yount

Oct. 6, 2022

12 pm – 1:15 pm ET
11 am – 12:15 pm CT/MEX
9 am – 10:15 am PT
4 pm – 5:15 pm GMT


Together, we are creating a community where people come together to connect, practice, and share in a safe, stimulating, and nurturing space, enriching learning opportunities and networking while simultaneously broadening the generative discourse for the sake of living in a world where everyone thrives. 

Join us for an exciting 75-minute session!

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Our Next Conversation

​​For only 50 years, we have referred to people whose brains functioned differently than the norm as retarded, or worse. We have progressed from that label through an evolution of naming these differences, from mentally handicapped, disabled, or challenged. Each iteration brought more acceptance of people who are different. More recently, the term “neuro-diverse” has emerged. Organizations now employ, serve and/or interact with people who fit this term. And that includes leaders.

My coach training, and I assume yours, stressed the importance of knowing when we were out of our domain of expertise as a coach and how to assess and refer our clients to another professional if we were not qualified to provide what they needed. I felt very comfortable observing possible signs of depression, for example, and having that conversation with my client and making a referral to a therapist if warranted. But I was not prepared to coach a leader who was neuro-diverse!

I will tell a story of a recent client who didn’t fit the mold of my general clientele. To become more effective with him, I attended a webinar on Neuro Diversity. I will share a definition with you, including several different kinds of diversity and some other distinctions I learned. I hope to engage fellow coaches in expanding our repertoire to serve people where they are. 

Our conversation will include:

  • Introductions
  • My Story
  • Definition of Neuro-Diversity
  • Your Stories – Sharing our experiences coaching neuro-diverse people
  • Identifying strategies that may be effective in supporting our neuro-diverse clients as leaders
  • Closing with insights or takeaways

Meet the Host: Lynnette Yount

Lynnette is the founder and principal of Lynnette Yount Associates, Inc. (LYA), a leadership and organization development consulting firm specializing in coaching, training, and organization transformation.  Lynnette is passionate about developing leaders – bringing vision, integrity, and heart to her clients!  She has been coaching for over 25 years, receiving her ontological coach training from the Newfield Network and her MCC certification in 2004.  Lynnette was the coach winner of the local ICF PRISM Award for her work with Arlington County leader development, incorporating coaching distinctions, group, and somatic coaching.

Lynnette was a part of the original Program Coach group for the first iteration of CEO (Coaching Excellence in Organizations), from the Institute of Generative Leadership.  She has remained involved as a Program Coach and fellow learner with IGL since 2008.  She is an avid student of Spiral Dynamics and models of adult/consciousness development.  Lynnette holds a BA in psychology from Goddard College and certificates (Master’s equivalents) in Applied Behavioral Science, and Organization Development. She enjoys travel, music, gardening, and the arts. 

Lynnette coaches from the heart, with a touch of lightness and humor.  She is experienced in all aspects of coaching including coach training design and implementation, mentoring for coach certification, providing coaching as a major component of long-term leadership development cohort programs, executive and business coaching, career coaching, and team, group, and peer coaching. 

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