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What Alexa Won’t Tell You About a “Conversation for Action”

“Fortune favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur. Most requests made in businesses today are incomplete, or the very least lacking information to coordinate fully. We believe this is because of a lack of preparation. While this might sound like a trivial thing when coordination becomes difficult, costs increase and no one likes more costs. […]

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Creating Breakdowns That Add Value to Our Organization //

Creating Breakdowns That Add Value to Your Organization

Interruptions that require a reorientation to the future are a natural part of life. The universe and life are so huge and beyond us that we can never control life, nature, and the flow of the universe. But, what we do with these interruptions determines our power to create our future. We’ve used the name […]

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Conversations and the language of leadership

Conversations and the Language of Leadership

Conversations don’t just describe actions; they generate them – if you know the structure and have the skill. Because generative conversations are the source of actions and results and are the very fabric of coordination, they are not discretionary. And, in the performance art of leadership, you must learn through action, buying the book isn’t […]

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Generative Success Profile
Kay Felix, M.D.

I recently was selected to be in charge of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Leadership for Better Health programs. The foundation is the largest philanthropic organization focused on health and has focused on improving America’s most pressing health issues for over forty years. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to support the leaders in […]

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How to Elevate Your Leadership Impact by Getting Out of the Blind Spot //

How to Elevate Your Leadership Impact by Getting Out of the Blind Spot

How’s your leadership impact? Would you like to produce more of it in the world: more value, more meaning, more contribution, and more vitality? Do you want to advance your career, improve your team’s performance, change your organization’s culture, or elevate the results of your business? Our culture has a blind spot around leadership. With […]

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The Leader’s Challenge

      <This discussion of leadership is drawn from chapter 12, Embodying, from the book The Innovator’s Way, where reference to “innovator” is changed to “leader.” The discussion is just as relevant, since both innovator and leader engage in conversations to shift the behaviors of others.> The leader’s challenge is to get the members of a […]

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Be Your Own Bio!

A Business Development practice for coaches: The Institute for Generative leadership is pleased to announce a new program designed by coaches specifically for coaches. Barbara Hauser and Stephen Heffernan, both certified in our Coaching Excellence in Organizations practices, have integrated the principles of care, storytelling and recurrent deliberate practice into Be Your Own Biotm a […]

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