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When Quitting is Winning //

When Quitting is Winning

“I’m not a quitter.” This is a virtue that is widely held in our culture. We don’t quit, we just forge on even harder. Unfortunately, this virtue is too easily overdone and can become the real problem in our work and lives. When we do quit, it’s often late and with a cost. In our […]

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Manage Promises, Not Activities //

Manage Promises, Not Activities

We live in a culture that thinks about actions in concrete frameworks. That means people tend to think in terms of activities, tasks, the stuff you can see that gets produced. What is missing is that every professional action is intended to satisfy someone and that someone wants to be assured that they will be […]

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We Don’t Have Time to Rush – Part 1

By Julio Olalla and Robert Dunham Major dislocations in how our societies operate in the world are coming, and we have seen a preview with the global financial recession of 2008.  Despite widespread scientific analyses of global issues including the causes of global warming, depletion of fisheries, reaching peak oil while energy demand is spiking, […]

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