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Leading Successful Innovation – from Mystery to Skills

  Innovation is a mystery for most people, though there are a very few that seem to have a knack for it. There are also the rare few who are serial innovators, but their success does not seem to illuminate the process for the rest of us. Amazon has over nine thousand books with “innovation” […]

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The Manager to Executive Transition – Good Work to Great Value

One of the great challenges of leadership careers in organizations is the transition from manager to executive. Many fail at this transition point. One CEO of a large corporation that put a lot of resources into developing their managers and senior managers reported that they experienced a fifty percent failure rate in the first year […]

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Taking Excellent Teams to Even Higher Levels of Accomplishment

How to we add value to teams that are already excellent, even standard setters? Let’s begin by looking at the dark side of achieving excellence. One pitfall for teams that have achieved a level of excellence is to rest on their laurels and lose their hunger for improvement.  The danger of being the best is […]

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Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

  How do we take our leadership to the next level? And what is the next level? How do we do that for ourselves and how do we develop leadership in others as a leader and coach of leaders? These questions are challenges for the whole field of “leadership development,” and at the Institute for […]

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Blending Operational Excellence with Innovation

Join our conference call on this topic on Dec 18, 3 pm ET, noon PT. To register please call 303 527 9905 or email Focusing on excellence in operational performance is a the primary focus of most organizations, but it is a different area of skill, type of conversation, mood and energy than innovation […]

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