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Difficult choices of a businessman

Tap Into Your Power of Not Knowing – Create New Possibilities

What is your relationship with “not knowing?” For most people, it’s a barrier. It means that we are stopped and can’t act where we don’t know. We wouldn’t have a person do surgery on us if they didn’t know surgery. So why would we pursue something if we don’t know how, haven’t been trained in […]

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Guest Blog – Julio Olalla: The Crash Course

Below Julio Olalla offers a review of the book “The Crash Course.”  I wholeheartedly endorse his assessment that this is a book that everyone should read.  It will change your view of the future that is coming, and open up a bigger set of possibilities of how to cope with it. Bob Dunham “THE CRASH […]

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Guest Blog – Terrie Lupberger: Busting the “Soft Skill” Myth

In many companies today, all over the world, you still hear the term ‘soft skills’ referred to by leaders, managers and HR professionals.  It’s a myth that just won’t die. Actually, there is NO such thing as soft skills.  The so-called soft skills people refer to such as the ability to communicate effectively , develop […]

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Guest Blog – May Leong: From Hard Work to Leadership

May Leong is a graduate of the Generative Leadership Program.  We are publishing articles telling the stories of what happened in the lives of our program graduates based on their learning in generative leadership.  These articles will eventually be published in a book. FROM ‘HARD WORK’ TO LEADERSHIP By May Leong Earlier in my career, […]

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Guest Blog: Terrie Lupberger: Out on the Skinny Branch

Terrie is a guest author on our blog, and shares her lessons in leadership.  We will be featuring articles by graduates of the Generative Leadership Program in which they share the results in their lives from generative leadership.  These articles will eventually become part of a book on generative leadership: leadership lessons in paying attention […]

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