What is Generative Leadership? // generateleadership.com

At the Institute for Generative Leadership, we have been working on the question, “What is leadership?” for over 30 years, and have come up with criteria that we call “generative.” This means that the distinctions of leadership that we use are observable, executable, learnable and improvable through practice, and that produce the outcomes that we associate with effective leadership.

For those who want to take their leadership to the next level, we offer the The Generative Leadership Program (GLP). GLP is designed to strengthen and extend your leadership skills through practice in your work – you get a personal coach, 3 three-day conferences per year, and regular Leadership Projects to take your learning into your organization and work.

We are working on a book to introduce Generative Leadership, whose working title is Being Generative, that will show what Generative Leadership produces through the stories of its practitioners: graduates of the GLP program. We will be sharing these stories as well on this website.

Learn more about all of our programs write to us at gregkarl@generativeleadership.co