We Don't Have Time To Rush Part 6 of 9 // generativeleadership.com

A collaborative blog written by Bob Dunham and guest blogger, Julio Olalla.

For review, read Part 5 here.

Technology not only shapes our thinking, but it currently arises out of a foundational attitude that everything is a resource to be used. We use nature and even ourselves. Used for what?

We need to put the human being and our lives back into the center of our concerns. We must recover our valuing life and a good life as more sacred that our projects and our measures.

Our experience with students over the last decades is that these are not insurmountable barriers to our way of being. In a matter of days, we can begin to shift our experience and rediscover our hearts, our emotions, our bodies, and our care.

We can begin to see the world with new eyes.
We can begin to walk a new path, a path with heart.
We can then begin to reflect in a new way.

We can allow our concern to pay our bills to exist without it stopping reflection on what is happening in our world, what is happening in our own experience, and what a good life really is.

We do not claim that we, or anyone else, have the final answers to our challenges. But we do say that honest reflection will open a new way to the future for us.

When we look at our own standards for a good life, a meaningful life, and look at the common stories of needing more wealth or consumption, we can begin to authentically feel what is needed.

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Julio Olalla is the founder of Newfield Network, a leading school of coaching in the world, and is considered one of the best coaches in the world. He is the author of From Knowledge to Wisdom.

Robert Dunham is the founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership and delivers programs in leadership around the world. He is a co-author of The Innovator’s Way.