A collaborative blog written by Bob Dunham and guest blogger, Julio Olalla.

For review, read Part 8 here.

We hope to promote new conversations for creating our future that not only addresses the coming predicaments, but also the presumptions of what it is to be human and what is a good life.

We cannot produce a new future with the old common sense, with the old answers. So we cannot rush into our new answers, and we can’t afford the old answers.

We don’t have time to rush.

We must reflect deeply and commit to new conversations for our future. This will also revive another missing conversation. The conversation of citizenship – what is a citizen, and what are the responsibilities and practices of good citizenship?

We will next address that concern in the context of a good life and a healthy future. To continue this discussion, click here.

Julio Olalla is the founder of Newfield Network, a leading school of coaching in the world, and is considered one of the best coaches in the world. He is the author of From Knowledge to Wisdom.

Robert Dunham is the founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership and delivers programs in leadership around the world. He is a co-author of The Innovator’s Way.