A collaborative blog written by Bob Dunham and guest blogger, Julio Olalla.

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We also must rediscover that our soul, our very being, is not separate from our world, the reality of nature, and our relationships with others. We are social creatures, made for connection. In our connections we find ourselves and our lives, we learn to fashion our relationships with ourselves, others, and our worlds. And today our culture has taken us in a drift to separation, from the privileging of the rationalist perspective through science abstracting us from our experience, from the stripping of literal validity from religious narrative, and the disparaging of spiritual reality by the materialist demand for cause and effect.

We have not only lost our souls, but we have also lost our heart connections, and our connection to even our experience due to the habit of requiring the mind to explain everything.

We have another unique challenge in our historical era, the scale of technology. Technology is not just the development and use of tools. Our tools shape what we do and how we think. Our tools use us and control us. If you use email, you see that your practices and even how you think and organize your life are fundamentally shaped by email.

We have seen the stupendous and rapid evolution of smartphones, texting, and social media. In the guise of better connection and access to each other, research shows that this technology is also producing greater disconnection, where people would rather text each other than speak to each other.

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Julio Olalla is the founder of Newfield Network, a leading school of coaching in the world, and is considered one of the best coaches in the world. He is the author of From Knowledge to Wisdom.

Robert Dunham is the founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership and delivers programs in leadership around the world. He is a co-author of The Innovator’s Way.