Step 1. What does it mean to become your best self? To tap into your aliveness, vitality, and power? The path to the possible is not written by your past but is illuminated by your care.

To open this dimension of “ME,” we invite you to begin to ask yourself the question: What do I care about?

Care is the part of our internal way of being that shapes how we see the world, what we find worth committing to, how we take action and is the foundation of meaning and value. As leaders, we are looking to take care of what we and others care about together.

We suggest that you hold this as an open question: knowing that some of what we care about may change over time. The importance is not in having a once-and-for-all definitive final answer, but in using the question to reflect on how we can come closest to living a fulfilling and satisfying life by having our actions and the use of our resources coherent with what means most to us, by becoming our best selves.

Consider writing a reflection of your responses to the question, “What do I care about?” This way you have a chance to bring what you care about to the foreground, to be able to turn it over in your heart and mind and see what resonates. Is that what I really care about? In some cases, you may find that there are areas of your life or actions you’ve been taking that don’t really have much to do with what you care about but come more from what our society or family history says you “should” care about. One important opportunity in continuing to ask yourself the question of what you care about is that you can begin to distinguish what it is that you truly care about versus what others have said you should care about – and then you can re-choose in a way that can make the choice truly yours, rather than as a “should.”

We’ll see you next week as we continue to explore this dimension of “ME” and create more possibilities for your life, as well as move into the other dimensions with the background to be an even greater contribution.

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