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The recent field of emotional intelligence opened by Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence in the 1990’s has demonstrated that emotions are a direct driver of professional and organizational results. Emotions skills are now understood to be a crucial part of action, teamwork, coordination, and leadership.

A key part of coaching leaders is coaching emotional skills. These skills are not just personal attributes, but are crucial for effective leadership interactions and bringing the best out of a team or organization’s performance. In order to coach “emotions in action” we must engage as coaches in the very practices of emotional skill that we will coach our clients with. Limiting emotions such as fear and anger and moods such as resentment, and resignation severely limit the performance of a team or organization.

Join your colleagues in this free conference call with Bob Dunham to learn some key practices in coaching and cultivating emotionally skillful leadership. Bob will draw from the five part webinar series Emotions in Action that IGL has previously delivered to provide key focus point for coaching emotional skills relevant for leadership.


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