Coaching Excellence in Organizations
The Profession of Coaching in Organizations

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What makes a professional? It’s not just being paid – it’s meeting the standards of a profession. What is a profession? A profession specifies set of standards, skills, practices, and experience that enable practitioners to make and fulfill valuable promises of the profession.

What are the promises that a professional coach should be able to make as a specialist of coaching in organizations? Coaching is valuable because of the outcomes it can produce and promise, not because of the activity of coaching. A coach in organizations should be able to enable the professionals in an organization to perform and fulfill their promises at a more valuable level. What are the promises of professionals in organizations?

In organizations you have the roles of team member and team leader, manager, executive, and professional satisfying customers. This leads to a huge need and demand from organizations to develop their people in leadership, management, and teamwork skills despite huge expenditures in training, leading to the need for coaching services.

Do you know how to coach people to be better professionals, team leaders, team members, executives, and leaders? IGL has specialized in these coaching skills in the Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) program. CEO has graduated hundreds of coaches from its three-year professional development program. In this call Bob Dunham will go over the criteria, history, and skills that have informed the design of the Coaching Excellence in Organization program and the promises that practitioners are enabled to make to their organizational clients.


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