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What is the Career Path for Coaching in Organizations?

A FREE conference call, on April 26, 10 AM MT, Noon ET

Some of our participants in our Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) program raise the question of their career path in coaching. In today’s world of coaching most professional coaches take a coach training certified by the ICF, then accumulate hours for increasing the status of their coaching certification (ACC, PCC, MCC). ICF requires continuing education credits (CCEU’s) for maintaining your ICF certification, so coaches continue with trainings that provide ICF CCEU’s. It seems like the game is certify, then get more training.

Most coaches are independent practitioners and entrepreneurs, building their practice. Where does a career path show up in this game?

In this free conference call Bob Dunham will address the question “what is a career?” and show how your passion informs your professional promises, and how your promises meet the needs of the world. We will outline the career path of coaching in organizations as learning the territory, mastering your domain, and growing the value of your promises.


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