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How Do You Grow Your Value?

A FREE conference call, on July 26, 10 AM MT, Noon ET

We grow our value by creating more value for others. We can make and fulfill more valuable promises as professionals. We increase the possibilities and outcomes that people care about in our communities. We help others see future choices that they didn’t see before. We help them realize those future choices.

We elevate our game of value creation when we not just increase our value, but show others how to increase their value. We multiply the value and outcomes we can produce by showing others how to combine their powers of creation in coordination, collaboration, and teamwork.

These are virtues of the professional coach as well as effective leaders, teachers, colleagues, and teammates. If we are to engage in this process of value creation we need to know what value is. We need to know what growing and cultivating value looks like, for ourselves, for others, and for teams and groups.

Join your colleagues in this free conference call with Bob Dunham to be introduced to generative distinctions value and value creation from the discipline of Generative Leadership, where generative means you can generate outcomes that you care about. We’ll review the actions, practices, and skills that enable you to grow your value, help others to grow their value, and enable groups to elevate their value as a group.


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    How do You Grow Your Value?

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