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The Nature of Leadership for Transformative ChangeNext Class Starts Spring 2022

Integrating Nature, Intuition & Somatics into the Coach Process

Leadership Starts with Your Body

Join Ariana for a walk on the wild side!

In this successful and innovative program, Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, shares her tried and true ‘Nature of Leadership’ method that incorporates emotional intelligence, somatic awareness, and “The Energy of Communication” into a profound and life-changing system for embodied leadership.

Join us for an interactive, experiential program and walk away with five new leadership principles and somatic practices for staying resilient and flexible in these times.

“Part of our role as healers and coaches is to help people increase their awareness, and increase their ability to interpret what they are sensing in self and in the environment locally and globally, so they can be more pro-active in creating balance and harmony at a community/global level.”  – Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

Course Details

1. Learn how your instincts influence your leadership effectiveness

Learn how to use your body’s instinctive response as a source of power, rather than a hindrance. Your body is your very own ‘first responder.’ It’s your instinctive compass, measuring safety versus danger. Your ‘animal’ body responds with immediate speed, before thought. But, it’s not always right because it also holds all of your experiences, traumas, and it alone cannot distinguish between the current moment and the past. Learn new somatic practices to turn ungrounded fear into opportunities for effective communication.

2. The best leaders listen to ‘what is not spoken’

From Ariana’s 30+ years as a Master Leadership Coach, she knows that the ability to listen to what is not spoken is a leader’s most important tool.

Effective communication that produces trust and progress is not created by the words a person says. Of far greater significance is the energetic tone of a person’s presence and how to build trust and conversations for action with your body language.

Ariana shares her best listening and observing practices to refine your awareness of what is not spoken and how the energetic tone of our body language is the primary source of communication.

3. Resilience as a path to healthy success

Are you relishing in your success, or do you just keep raising the bar for what success means? In this course, Ariana focuses on how to achieve ‘healthy success’ for self, other, and the world.

2020 shined a light on the dusty reality that most of us are emotionally exhausted, adrenally stretched, and worried about what the future holds. And to top it off, it’s time to admit climate change adds another layer of complexity. This is a challenging era, not just to our sense of well-being, but to our ability to exercise our social instinct to connect, belong, and contribute. Every aspect of our lives–who we are, what we believe in, what we value, who matters to us, and how we take care of our health (mind/body/spirit) is up for re-evaluation.

A big part of the course focuses on embodying who you are, what you care about in a way that inspires balance and caring relationships, with yourself, others, and the earth. Learn how to find resilience and flexibility, while still attending to what matters the most.

4. Nature as healer, authenticity, courage, and compassion

Everything in nature is ready to be our inspiration, our metaphor of meaning. The natural world is more than our backdrop. It is our life source. Without it, we cannot exist. Whatever somatic practice you have, Ariana will guide you in a deeper connection to the larger field of nature and lessons you can easily glean to attain a deeper level of embodiment in your life and work.

Working with metaphors from nature allows for a more non-judgmental approach to coaching and leadership development. And it helps ground us in the larger playing field of our reality, our past, and our future.

5. Connecting your leadership to the health of our planet

Achieve greater success and satisfaction by connecting your life’s work to healing the planet. It doesn’t have to be grand, but the more you take a stand for our earth through declared business practices and ethics, the better for all. At the completion of the course, you will have simple things you can do to have a Gaia-centric approach to your life and work.

Ariana will present and open a dialogue of her Holistic Somatics™ model with earth-centric practices for calming the mind, relaxing the nerves, staying focused on what matters, and connecting our healing to the earth’s healing. With climate change upon us, what we mean by somatics must take on a larger context.  True healing, true somatic balance, and authentic leadership do not exist unless we include healing practices for the earth we live on.

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Online Course (from the comfort of your own home)


Includes: 5 – 90-minute group coaching calls, practices, and assignments

Meet the Facilitator

Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi,
Embodied Leadership Coach
SkyHorse Academy

Ariana’s mission is to empower healthy leaders to take a stand for healing the planet. She knows from experience that embodied women are the change-makers we need in our world today. She is a zoologist, healer, visionary storyteller, and renaissance woman who weaves together the powers of intention, somatic presence, and nature’s wisdom into a unique Embodied Leadership model that has transformed thousands of people worldwide. She is wild by nature.

Ariana has worked with over six thousand clients to claim their wildness, stand tall without apology and embrace their unique ‘way of being’. Her passion is to encourage people to heal themselves and the earth, in a beautiful reciprocal way, for our children, our grandchildren, and our Mother Earth Family.

Her teachings have been incorporated into numerous leadership institutes and equine therapy programs around the world including Institute for Women’s Leadership, Institute for Generative Leadership, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Meridian University. 

Her deep commitment to healing Mother Earth begins with supporting embodied women to reclaim their dignity, embrace their unique ‘way of being’, and make their dreams come true. She knows this is how we can save the planet. Ariana is the author of three books internationally known spokeswoman on Embodied Leadership. She is a pioneer in the equine therapy field first founding Leadership & Horses™ in 1989 and Equine Guided Education & Coaching, in addition to co-founding the Strozzi Institute (Strozzi Somatics).

She offers leadership and dignity programs, wellness coaching, and spiritual retreats, which incorporate her passion for living a healthy lifestyle in balance with Mother Earth. She loves cooking, gardening, growing and making herbal medicines, and spending time in nature.