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A FREE conference call, on July 19, 10 AM Mountain Time

When you take on big promises it can tempt you to meet challenges and ever growing demand with giving more time and energy until you don’t have any more. The consequences can be catastrophic including health issues, divorces, addictions, or just a loss of meaning and mojo.

Managing your work and leadership includes managing your energy. Your energy is not just physical but also includes emotions and meaning. How do you keep yourself, your relationships, and your results all healthy?

Join Bob Dunham for this free Leadership Circle conference call to explore how to keep your energy flowing, your vitality strong, and to keep connected to what is meaningful in your work. Bob has personally encountered executive burn out and has helped many others recover from it, avoid it, and organize their work around their true passion.

The Generative Leadership Circle is a monthly conference call for people interested in the conversation of Generative Leadership.

These FREE conference calls are a way of giving back to the leadership community, in the form of enlightening conversation on a range of topics that are announced ahead of time.

The calls are also a way of inviting new participants to explore the discipline in a no-pressure environment. This is a way to join our community of practice.

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