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Blending Operational Excellence with Innovation // generateleadership.com

Blending Operational Excellence with Innovation

Focusing on excellence in operational performance is the primary focus of most organizations, but it is a different area of skill, type of conversation, mood and energy than innovation conversations. These two skill areas overlap more easily when the operational work includes design, strategy, and planning, but a full focus on performance often leaves professionals […]

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Can You Feel It?

It is connection and disconnection, with each other, with nature, and with ourselves, that is the foundation of our experience of life, our effectiveness in action, and the meaningfulness of our purposes.

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When the World Breaks // generateleadership.com

When the World Breaks

When we learn to accept the fact of our finitude, to accept that breaks are part of life, and to learn that we can face and enter these moments with presence, calm focus, and the capacity to improvise, learn, and innovate, then we will have new ways to dance with life and to lead.

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What is Generative Leadership? // generateleadership.com

What is Generative Leadership?

We at the Institute for Generative Leadership have been working on the question, “What is leadership?” for over 30 years, and have come up with criteria that we call “generative.”

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