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Difficult choices of a businessman

Tap Into Your Power of Not Knowing – Create New Possibilities

What is your relationship with “not knowing?” For most people, it’s a barrier. It means that we are stopped and can’t act where we don’t know. We wouldn’t have a person do surgery on us if they didn’t know surgery. So why would we pursue something if we don’t know how, haven’t been trained in […]

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Busting the “Soft Skill” Myth //

Busting the “Soft Skill” Myth

Actually, there is NO such thing as soft skills. The so-called “soft skills” people refer to such as the ability to communicate effectively, develop alliances, enroll others into a vision, navigate uncertainty with ease, coach team members, build trust are the absolute hardest thing to do well.

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Out on the Skinny Branch

As a dear friend of mine said to me during those difficult days, “Terrie, you were out on the skinny branch – you know the one that easily breaks with a strong wind. You were so busy and overwhelmed and out of touch with your own values, cares, and vision that you failed to pay […]

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