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Generative Leaders Forum

“Unpacking Trust – What to Listen for in Every Team”

October 14, 2019 | 5 pm -7 pm
Seattle, WA

“Unpacking Trust – What to Listen for in Every Team”

Do your results at work depend on others keeping their commitments? Are there certain team members you tend to trust more than others? How do you decide how far to trust someone new to your project team?

In this two-hour forum, we’ll develop a new language of trust and four key distinctions when making and managing team commitments. You will have an opportunity to practice the kinds of conversations that help people more effectively be “in it together” as they deliver on shared goals.

The Generative Leaders Forum brings leaders together to collaborate on the current issues of leadership and their organizations. The forum is facilitated by seasoned practitioners and leaders from the Generative discourse.

The forums will focus on a specific leadership topic but are also open to how you and others would like to focus the conversation based on the issues that are most relevant for you. Learn with other top thinkers in leadership at this event.

We hope you’ll join us! Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues who are also leaders and coaches to register.

Event Details


October 14, 2019


5 pm – 7 pm PT


Harbor Steps Meeting Space
1221 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101



Meet This Event’s Facilitators

Brian Branagan,
IGL Program Coach / Facilitator

Kim Frerichs,
IGL Program Coach / Facilitator

Join us at the Harbor Steps Meeting Space on October 14, 2019!