Executive Development

Challenges and Concerns – Elevate the Game

How do you take your game and the game of your organization to the next level? And how do you do this as part of your passionate life journey, not just with more sacrifice, stress, or missing time with your loved ones? The executive function is a huge challenge, and huge opportunity, for those of us who hold it. You must not only form and lead an extraordinary team, and not only produce high value results – you must also be able to deal with new competition, a changing world, and a changing market that demands not just performance and hard work, but innovation and the ability to design a winning game in a changing world. We must be concerned if we are ahead of the “curve”, or behind.


The Executive Development Path

A challenge for many executives, and for those you are grooming for eventual executive roles, is that success in a prior position may not prepare us for the challenge of being a great executive. Being a great manager doesn’t translate to being a great executive – there are too many new and different concerns, conversations, responsibilities, and practices. We need to help prepare candidates for the executive function, hopefully before they take it on, but at least when they do.


How does IGL empower you?

In our framework managers are great leaders of teams to produce results. Executives are also responsible to define and design a winning game to create value in a changing world, to define the results worth producing. As executives we are also responsible for cultivating management excellence, organizational performance, and developing the next generation of executives. These challenges are not met just with grit and the willingness to work hard and give more – they require perspective and more generative frameworks for the bigger games.


Executive Success is Life Success

We hold that executive and career success is also life success – a good life for yourself, your family, and others. Too many leaders in our mainstream culture succumb to the strategy of “do more,” rather than developing the skill to create value and a healthy environment for success.

We have found that key to executive success is how you manage your capacity and energy, how you build and lead your team, growing your next level of leaders, focusing on value creation and the big games, not just operations, dealing with power and politics, learning to use the power of not-knowing, cultivating a healthy culture of value creation, clarifying your own strengths and weaknesses as a generative leader, and paying attention that your work is part of a good life, not sacrificing it.


Our Offer to You

IGL has been addressing these concerns with the power of a generative discipline, and improving hands-on practices for them for over thirty years. We offer you the value of this experience and the results-focused discipline of generative leadership that enables you to create action and value on the job, not just the study of concepts or case studies.


How To Create Value

What is your “value proposition?” The value you are perceived to offer influences your identity and what people are prepared to accept from you.


Take the Next Step to Creating a New Future

If you are ready to explore your choices for elevating your leadership impact and the performance of your team or organization to the next level, we invite you to explore the Generative Leadership Program (GLP) and how it can support you in creating the future you want.


3 Steps to the Future

If you are ready to take your leadership impact and the performance of your business or new venture to a new level we invite you to explore the possibilities and promises provided by the Generative Leadership Program (GLP).

Step 1 FGL

Foundations of Generative Leadership

Step 2 EGL

Excellence in Generative Leadership

Step 3 GLP

Generative Leadership Program