Generative Leadership Program

The Generative Leadership Program(GLP) is designed to fill the gaps in the foundations of traditional management understanding. It leverages and strengthens the competencies and skills that you already have, and gives successful executives and managers a foundation for elevating their own and their team’s performance to new levels. It provides the foundation for increased performance through new paradigms, a focus on building skills through practice, and learning experientially through your actual work and life commitments.

This is an opportunity for leaders, executives, teams, and managers to create more effective organizations. GLP is designed to enable you to take your leadership impact and the performance of your organization to the next level.  By participating in GLP you will emerge from the experience with a permanent new way to see action and opportunity in the world and with enhanced power to produce extraordinary results.

Hear Sam Ramji , VP Strategy, talk about the benefits of the Generative Leadership Program.

This program goes beyond traditional management learning and teaching to focus on:

  • New Paradigms of Action, Coordination, and Learning – produce a new way to see the world, action, and management from a new paradigm of how action is sourced from language, concerns, and commitment; learning is based on embodied learning that produces skills in action, not just understanding.
  • Practice, not just Theory – Focus on the competent execution of new action-based practices of management which strengthen your ability to see what to do and get it done in your organization.Relevance and Impact – you are guided to apply these practices in your work to improve your and your team’s effectiveness.
  • Feedback and Coaching – Receive personal coaching twice a month on your challenges and issues in leadership and management on the job.
  • Replacing Old Habits with New – Learn how to go beyond what has previously been difficult for you and to produce new, more effective management habits.
  • Management from Strategy to Execution – Learn new interpretations and skills for leadership, team building, planning and projects, as well as for design and innovation – turning vision into effective action.

This new approach to learning and management practice is based on the advances of leading thinkers of this century. The approach has been developed and refined in dozens of companies and with hundreds of managers over the last eighteen years. Current participants include CEOs, COOs, managing directors, business founders, entrepreneurs, managers, and entire management teams.

Bob Dunham about the benefits of the Generative Leadership Program

Meeting The Challenge of the Internet Age

Successful executives and managers will require new skills to prosper in this highly dynamic environment. Those who are repeating today what they did yesterday are going to be left behind – those who are only incrementally improving what they did yesterday will not be able to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities.

The future opportunity for managers, executives, and business owners is to be able to anticipate, blend with, and take advantage of the unpredictable inflections of the business world. This demands of us skills for leadership, innovation, and design.

In order to develop these skills, as business leaders of tomorrow we must be able to learn, not just by absorbing new ideas, but rather by changing our habits and predispositions into new ways of seeing the world and new ways of taking action. We must develop new practices that will enable more powerful action and eventual mastery. We need to learn in action.

Yet our traditional understandings and techniques for teaching management do not reveal how to generate effective actions in a changing world and make sure that you can do it. Our current understandings of management and leadership leave gaps in addressing the hands-on skills for shifting the actions we can take, shaping how we see the world, and designing our practices of coordination and collaboration.

Our Invitation to You:

We invite you to participate in Mastering Professional Management program. This is an opportunity for those who are concerned for developing effective leadership, teams, executives and managers, and more effective organizations.

Mastering Professional Management requires people who can learn and unlearn, with a commitment to put learning to work for results.

Our Promise to You:

By participating in The Generative Leadership Program, you will develop yourself into a more effective leader in management.

You will emerge from the course with a permanent new way to see action and opportunity in the world, and with enhanced power to produce them.

Contact us today to discover what enrolling in GLP can do for you!

A Sampling of Topics Covered in the Program

  • Teams and Team Leadership
  • Planning as Inventing the Future
  • Coordination and Team Action
  • Value and Waste
  • Listening to Concerns
  • Making Offers of Value
  • Projects as Team Navigation
  • Business Processes and Continuous Improvement
  • Practices and Inventing Practices
  • Designing Action, Conversations, and Commitments
  • Networks of Commitments
  • Intuition and Sensibility
  • Accumulating Power in the Marketplace
  • Reading the World and Strategy
  • Developing Careers for Yourself and Others

The Results of the Program As a result of your effective participation in Mastering Professional Management you will be able to:

  • See structure and possible action where others see complexity.
  • Design new tools and practices for navigating through the breakdowns of organizational action and for creating value.
  • Manage more effectively.
  • Enhance your skills of leadership.
  • Create a higher degree of calmness, serenity, and satisfaction in your work.
  • Engage in practices of innovation and design as part of your work.

The results produced from participation in the program will build your capabilities to continue to learn and grow yourself in management throughout your career. You will be able to establish the needed fundamentals of management in any situation, and to build the value that can be produced by yourself and your organizations.

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