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Foundations of Generative Leadership

When you walk out after three days of practice, you will see the world with different eyes. You will have different conversations you didn’t know were possible before you walked in, and you will begin to shift the future you can create with others.
– Bob Dunham

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The Foundations of Generative Leadership (FGL) workshop takes you past the blind spots of mainstream culture to explore how the aspects of communication, coordination, language, emotions, and embodied learning enable us to more powerfully generate the future we care about instead of living with our unexamined limits. It focuses on real world skills and strategies, and introduces you to practices to go beyond concepts to embodied skills in action.

You are invited to a three-day experience that can shift your future and that of your teams, organizations, or communities. This experience amplifies and augments the skills that you already have and opens up new dimensions of leadership impact, to invent a better future for yourself, your family, your organization, and your community.

Upcoming FGL Dates and Locations

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All Locations meet

  • Thursday—Saturday 8:30am-6:00pm
  • and Sunday 8:30am-12:00pm
  • Additional logistics will be emailed on registration. For more information call our program advisors at 720-273-2488 or email info@generativeleadership.co
  • Early Bird tuition is $995 – a discount from the full price of $1195 – check for the early bird deadline for each event

A detailed packet of additional information will be emailed to you upon registration.

The FGL workshop is also the opening conference of the first year of the Generative Leadership Program (GLP) or the Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) program Leaders, managers, and organizational coaches

You learn results-oriented skills in action and how to better generate the results that matter most to you by exploring and creating new awareness to see and move with the foundations of human action.  These foundations are the ground that shapes leadership, management, teamwork, organizational action, coaching, and even relationship and community.

Action Learning – The Power of Practice

You learn in action, going beyond conceptual understanding through experiential learning.  You go beyond experiential learning to the power of continued practice.  After the workshop, you will be able to produce actions, conversations, and results that you couldn’t before. Through the practices that you learn, you will continue building your capabilities after the workshop.

The fundamentals of effective human interaction we will reveal include:

  • Competencies in language, emotions, and embodiment
  • Being an observer of how we observe
  • Foundations of human coordination of action addressing current difficulties in organizational life – distrust and rebuilding trust, effective teamwork, productive judgment, effective coping with breakdowns, value creation, presence, and leadership impact

We promise to:

  • Provide the foundation of a new discipline of leadership and management
  • Assist you to develop yourself into a more effective leader, manager, and coach in teams and organizations
  • Introduce you to a permanent, new way to see action and opportunity in the world and how to enhance your power to produce them
  • Help you generate new conversations and results immediately after the workshop

What You Will Learn

In the workshop, you will learn the foundations of leadership, team performance, and management:

  • How commitment is the foundation of action, coordination, and results
  • How conversations precede and shape all action and results, including the conversations we don’t have or avoid
  • The power of emotional intelligence and the impact of emotional resonance on teamwork and trust
  • How “care” is the element that creates value, meaning, and excellence in action
  • How our bodies speak louder than our mouths and produce presence and trust or the lack of it
  • The generative acts in language that make things happen
  • The leadership skill of evaluating the assessments that lead to commitments
  • How to avoid over-commitment and weigh the trustworthiness of promises made
  • The fundamental unit of organizational action – the agreement
  • How to make breakdowns productive
  • The capacity to be centered rather than off-center during challenging and triggering moments
  • How to blend with the styles of others
  • How to enter continuing practice with your skills that will enable you to grow them over time

What Participants Say

When I was a new business unit director, every lesson I got was immediately put into practice.  This allowed to me to design and set up a framework for people to act in and enabled my team to function well.  It allowed me to have the success of building a team that was thrilled to be working together with the same principles.  – Business Unit Director

I have more peace and a sense of power that I didn’t have before.  I have understanding in business in so many ways that I didn’t have before. – President of New Day Farms

I’m a stronger leader for the people who work for me and also a stronger leader for the company.  In the past year, I’ve accomplished things that I would have never been able to without my learning. – Sales and Marketing Director

A Call to New Leadership

Leadership in organizations today face a world of challenges that have never existed before in  history – new levels of global competition, the pace of technology and change, pressing the limits of global resources, issues of scale in the financial, commercial, and communal domains that must be faced in coming years.  The leadership of the coming era will require new levels of skill in innovation, excellence in action, aligning human commitment, and addressing how we will live creating a shared future together.

At the same time, the press of demand and organizational objectives has been producing a trail of sacrifice, ill health, and work devoid of meaning.  In the face of these demands, leaders must learn to produce healthy outcomes as part of their work and responsibilities for themselves, their organizations, and for the customers and communities that they serve.

As leaders, we must learn to reconnect to the sources of meaning, value, and relevance in our work lives, reconnecting to what we care about and how our work is in service to taking care of these concerns for ourselves and others. We need to recognize that value and satisfaction, the drivers of business, fundamentally are based on human care and taking care.

Learning to increase the value that you and your organizations deliver is a worthy professional standard when combined with standards of healthy outcomes instead of sacrifice. In FGL, you will see how organizations improve their performance and increase their value by reconnecting to the human dimensions of care and commitment of their members and customers.

FGL is intended to introduce you to a set of perspectives, actions, and practices that will serve you for a lifetime, a lifetime of learning and continuing to increase your capacity to produce results that matter.

This Is An Invitation to Take Your Impact to the Next Level

The FGL workshop is also the opening conference of the first year of the Generative Leadership Program (GLP) or the Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) program Leaders, managers, and organizational coaches

FGL is a First Step for the  Coaching Excellence in Organizations – (CEO) Program
CEO is a program designed for professional coaches to reach a professional standard for offering valuable coaching in organizations

For info or to register email our program advisors –  info@generativeleadership.co

FGL is a First Step for the Generative Leadership Program – (GLP)
GLP is a program designed for managers, executives, and business owners to take their leadership impact and the performance of their organizations to the next level

For info or to register email our program advisors –  info@generativeleadership.co