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foundations-of-generative-leadershipFoundations of Generative Leadership  goes beyond conceptual understanding into experiential learning. You will learn the power of continued leadership practice. After the workshop you will produce actions, conversations, and results that you couldn’t before. Through the practices you will build your capabilities and prepare for Coaching Excellence in Organizations, or the Generative leadership Program.


Bob Dunham Leadership cirlce coaching-excellence

Coaching Excellence in Organizations provides the opportunity to study with Bob Dunham, founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership. It’s the only graduate-level training program offered for experienced coaches. Nothing like this exists in the coaching or corporate training world and the learning is applied to current clients.


Bob Dunham Leadership cirlce generative-leadership-program

Generative Leadership Program is an opportunity for teams, executives and managers to create more effective organizations. participating in GLP you will develop into a more effective leader and will emerge from the experience with a permanent new way to see action and opportunity in the world with enhanced power to produce extraordinary results.