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The Coaching Excellence Webinars are monthly webinars for people interested in the conversations that make leaders and coaches generative. These FREE webinars cover a range of topics that are announced ahead of time.

On these webinars, you are also invited to explore the generative discipline in a no-pressure environment, as well as join a community of practice.

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Coaching Leaders to Improve Results

July 17, 2019 – Virtual (Free)
12 pm ET | 11 am CT | 10 am MT | 9 am PT

How do we effectively coach leaders? How do we coach them to improve their leadership results, their leadership impact, and their leadership value? How can we make this offer as a promise we have confidence in?

To do this will require that we know what the actions of leadership really are, how to coach leaders to learn these skills, and how to connect the dimensions of their personal skills with their impact on groups to produce new value for their organization.

We also add that this must be done in the human context of health, dignity, and meaning that is part of a good life, not just driving techniques for demanding more.

Join Bob Dunham in this free webinar to learn about what are the essential, unavoidable dimensions of leadership to focus on how to take your next step in coaching leaders to improve results by bringing forth the best from themselves and others. We’ll explore what is leadership, how to coach it, and what constitutes improved results of value to leaders, their customers, their teams, and their organizations.

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What Participants Say

When I was a new business unit director, every lesson I got was immediately put into practice. This allowed to me to design and set up a framework for people to act in and enabled my team to function well. It allowed me to have the success of building a team that was thrilled to be working together with the same principles.

Jan Irene Miller
Director, Engineering and Industrial Solutions
Atos Origin USA

I have more peace and a sense of power that I didn’t have before. I also have an understanding of business in so many ways that I didn’t have before.

Ed Huling
New Day Farms

I’m a stronger leader for the people who work for me and also a stronger leader for the company. In the past year, I’ve accomplished things that I would have never been able to without my learning.

Sales and Marketing Director

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