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Leadership Development Step 3 – Professional Skill Sets

In following your Leadership Development path, we, at IGL, offer to be a guide through the steps of new awareness of what it takes to be your best as a leader. Second, we give you the support to practice on the job to build your leadership muscles and results. Third, we introduce you to the […]

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Leadership Development Step 2 – New Action Skills

Learning to elevate your leadership impact and skills takes more than being aware of what these skills are. It takes practice to grow and hone these skills. Having a body does not make you a high-level athlete. But with practice, you can become your best as an athlete. Leadership is similar because it is also […]

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Leadership Development Step 1 – New Awareness

We need new Awareness for stepping forward into developing our leadership and leadership results. What are our results we want from new awareness? Better team performance, better career progress, bigger impact in your work life. How does new awareness produce better team and career results? It has to do with becoming more aware of how […]

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Take Your Leadership to the Next Level - Part 1 //

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level – Part 1

Is there a limit on the value and impact we can create as leaders? Is our success evidence that there is no need, or room, to get better? Or can we go to another level of contribution? Whatever our success, we can always take our leadership to another level of creating value, taking care of […]

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The Manager to Executive Transition – Good Work to Great Value

One of the great challenges of leadership careers in organizations is the transition from manager to executive. Many fail at this transition point. One CEO of a large corporation that put a lot of resources into developing their managers and senior managers reported that they experienced a fifty percent failure rate in the first year […]

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Transform Your Organization

To transform your organization, you have to transform how it shapes its actions, its results, how it learns, how it adapts, and how it gets in its own way. To transform an organization is to transform the conversations that it has, the emotions that it rests into, and the manner in which it coordinates actions, […]

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Transform Your Team

Leaders create teams that do big things, or perhaps teams that struggle or even crash and burn. Even excellent teams can elevate their game to whole a new level if we can Transform the practices of being a team to a new level. Like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly working harder at being a better […]

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Conversations and the language of leadership

Conversations and the Language of Leadership

Conversations don’t just describe actions; they generate them – if you know the structure and have the skill. Because generative conversations are the source of actions and results and are the very fabric of coordination, they are not discretionary.

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