Leaders create teams that do big things, or perhaps teams that struggle or even crash and burn. Even excellent teams can elevate their
game to whole a new level if we can Transform the practices of being a team to a new level.

Like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly working harder at being a better caterpillar won’t work. We want to transform into a butterfly in order to fly.

How do we transform? We need to re-understand and then re-enact what being a high performing team is. What we have learned at IGL in almost 30 years of working with leaders and coaches who coach leaders are that the essence of teamwork is coordination of action around shared goals. But how do we do that at a new level?

Coordination happens in particular kinds of communications and conversations that have a particular kind of structure and produces results of shared commitments, shared standards, and shared practices on a team. There are skills that enable these conversations that can be learned, improved and continually grown into more valuable promises, results, and customer satisfaction as well as more satisfied team members.

You can learn these conversations and the skills to make them effective at our Foundations of Generative Leadership (FGL) 3-day workshop.

The time to learn is always now – why wait? Every day is an opportunity to elevate your professional and personal skills.


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