To transform your organization, you have to transform how it shapes its actions, its results, how it learns, how it adapts, and how it gets
in its own way. To transform an organization is to transform the conversations that it has, the emotions that it rests into, and the manner in which it coordinates actions, breakdowns, changes, and learning.

This is the basis for the discipline that we call Generative Leadership. How the conversations, actions, and presence of individual leaders,
teams, and standard setters transform the performance and culture of an organization.

To learn how to transform your organization as a leader or an organization as a coach, we invite you to the 3 steps to Generative Leadership path. We have guided thousands of leaders and coaches to leaders over the last decades on their journeys of developing their leadership impact to a whole new level.

A second step that is often essential is being able to go to the gym to build your skills. Following the FGL workshop, IGL offers you a 4-month practice and application program that is about using your new conversational skills on the job, called the Excellence in Generative Leadership (EGL) program. To find out more, Click Here.

In learning to transform your team, they must see the relevance and engage in new behaviors and practices that will elevate the team’s performance. In our EGL program, you will be accompanied by a personal coach who will help you apply your new practices in your work.

In a third step, you will be introduced to new professional skills and practices in an 8-month (followed by 2 one-year optional programs) program with a personal coach and 8 key practices. There is a track for leaders and managers – the Generative Leadership Program (GLP), and a track for coaches – the Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) program.

We invite you to explore your opportunity to transform your career trajectory with generative learning. For more information on the CEO program, Click Here. To find out more on the GLP, Click Here.

Every day you are not learning is a day lost to create a new future.


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