To transform our impact as leaders we need to start with ourselves. Our culture trains us to take actions for external results, but we tend to be unaware of the internal skills that it takes to produce these results in the world.

To transform ourselves, what are the internal changes that prepare us for external impact and results? These skills include your commitment and shaping shared commitment with others. Your presence and managing your emotional self-regulation. Your ability to center and then connect with others. Your clarity on what you care about. And many more.

We need new foundations that produce profound new frames, actions, and results for us. Here’s a sampling of short articles revealing the path to learning generative leadership skills:

  1. The Manager to Executive Transition
  2. Take Your Leadership to the Next Level
  3. Leadership Inside Out – Developing Inner Strength

We have learned in almost forty years of guiding leaders and coaches of leaders that today’s common sense leaves out the essentials of successful leadership. We need to go all the way down to the foundations and build on new ground. We need to re-understand action, results, and where they come from.  We need to transform. Without it our future will repeat the past.

When you learn to manage your internal flow as a leader you are more capable to create the connections and impact with others. We have learned that when you unpack effective action, what you will find is personal commitment in a human being.

So we start there.

How are commitments made, managed and guided? In certain kinds of key conversations. We call these generative leadership conversations.

In your leadership learning, you can either grow or stagnate. Every day is an opportunity to grow on a path of learning. At IGL, we offer you a clear path to grow your leadership skills as part of your everyday work and life with 3 Steps to Generative Leadership.

Don’t wait, find your path and walk it.


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