Learning with Heart // generativeleadership.com

Learning with Heart

The heart is a place in the body where we experience our connection with life, where purpose and meaning surge through us as felt experiences, not just opinions.

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What Is A Leader? // generativeleadership.com

What Is A Leader?

Although leadership certainly includes the generation and use of power, we also claim that leadership must include care, care as the point for which power is used.

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Elevating Enterprise Performance

The Enterprise Performance approach addresses the key issues of “what to do,” “how to do it,” “how to learn to do it,” and “how to implement what I am learning in my world” in establishing more effective result-oriented perspectives and actions in a team.

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Reshaping the World, Reshaping Being Human

A collaborative blog written by Bob Dunham and guest blogger, Julio Olalla. Success is relative. It is what we can make of the mess we have made of things. – T. S. Eliot We live in an era of global scale. Our technologies and our massive global population accumulate and magnify our decisions and choices until […]

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New Thinking for the Future // generativeleadership.com

New Thinking for the Future

We must look beyond our quick, obvious, comfortable, and common answers. We must look with new eyes, with new thinking, if we are to find what our old thinking cannot show us.

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Out on the Skinny Branch

As a dear friend of mine said to me during those difficult days, “Terrie, you were out on the skinny branch – you know the one that easily breaks with a strong wind. You were so busy and overwhelmed and out of touch with your own values, cares, and vision that you failed to pay […]

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