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Being Brave, Engaging Race & Racism – Course Completed on Dec. 11th

Future dates to be announced.

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Being Brave, Engaging Race and Racism

Prerequisite for this course is the Virtual Foundations of Generative Leadership workshop.

As generative leaders, the current reality presents us with a powerful call-to-action; a call to learning as a community. It is asking us to expand our current Observer and Actor around race and racism.

Why do we care about a conversation about race? What is this conversation calling us to take care of?

We invite you to join us in exploring a new conversation with a generative lens. Come learn how to include this breakdown and challenge in our skill sets.

In this 7-session course, we’ll explore the possibilities and value of this conversation for each of us in our positions of leaders of organizations and coaches of those in a position of leadership.

**NOTE: In order to enroll in this course there is a prerequisite to attend the Virtual FGL workshop. If you haven’t taken the FGL yet, you can enroll in our next workshop.