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A Webinar Series

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Join us for our upcoming conversation:

The Outcomes of Generative Leadership Learning

Host: Bob Dunham

Sept. 28, 2022

12 pm – 1 pm ET
9 am – 10 am PT

This series of conversations will challenge the interpretations that we each live with that impact our everyday lives.

There will be an opportunity to learn more about the generative principles with an invitation to our upcoming Foundations workshop in October.

Join us for an exciting 60- minute session!

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Our Next Conversation

In this webinar, Bob Dunham will address the question of “what is leadership?” as well as “what is the effective learning path?” for leadership and coaching leaders. 

There are hundreds of interpretations in response to this question, and at the Institute for Generative Leadership, we believe we have something important to share in this conversation. We have developed an answer that is based on being executable, learnable, and leads to significantly more valuable results, not just new concepts, models, or “tools.” 

We have found that even successful leaders significantly increase their leadership impact with generative leadership because the limits to leadership impact are cultural as well as individual. Join us for this conversation about elevating your leadership impact and your results in your career, leadership, and life journeys.

Meet the Host: Bob Dunham

Robert Dunham - Founder of the Insitute for Generative Leadership
Bob Dunham,
Founder and Global CEO
Institute for Generative Leadership

Bob Dunham founded the Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL) in 1993. He is head of the Global Directorate of IGL with affiliates in the US, Latin America, Asia, and the UK. Bob is the leading authority on Generative Leadership and Generative Coaching in Organizations and is co-author of the book, The Innovator’s Way, the Essential Practices for Successful Innovation with Dr. Peter Denning.

Prior to founding IGL, Bob was a VP of Motorola Computer Systems, COO of Action Technologies, and a VP of Business Design Associates. He has been a guest lecturer in the Executive Certification Program as well as an Executive in Residence in the Sustainable MBA program at the Presidio Graduate School, and a guest lecturer in the Leading by Design Fellows Program for the California College of the Arts. He actively consults with client companies in innovation, management, and leadership development.

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Next Conversation

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2022

12 pm ET / 11 am CT/MEX
9 am PT / 4 pm GMT

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