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Join us for the LIVE EVENT on June 15th

Lessons from the TechTANK

The Institute for Generative Leadership and Altus Growth Partners in partnership with Women in Technology  will be sponsoring “Lessons from the TechTANK”.

We’re here to connect with you, to share with you, to inspire you…
Terrie Lupberger and Jan Irene Miller from Altus Growth Partners and the Institute for Generative Leadership share their experiences as women leaders in technology.

Terrie and Jan Irene discuss what one needs to learn to be able to step into more and more responsibility of leadership and management.
What are the competencies? Skills? Practices?
  • Inviting people into relationships
  • Navigating power and politics
  • Coaching your own team
  • Discerning whose talents and gifts are best directed towards certain projects
  • Helping people in their careers
  • Creating loyalty with their teams

We invite you to join us at TechTank on June 15th in the DC metro area!

This event brings in women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs facing various challenges. From securing funding for their venture or project, to hiring to secure the best team for growth, or looking for the next steps when poised for acquisition. They are not alone.

Here they will have the chance to share their challenges with subject matter experts who have “been there and done that”.  Each attendee will have the chance to meet for a 20-minute period with up to 4 subject matter experts. These experts will provide their advice and lessons learned. This will be a great learning space for everyone!

There will be up to 10 subject matter experts on site to discuss leadership, financing, HR, sales and marketing strategies, non-profit strategies, work-life balance and more!

Learn how to grow your business for success while supporting women in leadership, and Women in Technology.  Share your entrepreneurial story. Network.  Come to TechTANK!

To learn more about the other experts on site or to register, click here.

Read more about the “Hard, Soft Skills” Terrie refers to in her article, “Embrace Your “Soft” Skills!” on the Huffington Post here.

Highlight from the article:
“soft skills…include things like
building relationships, communicating so you’re understood, building trust, enrolling others into a vision, relating with empathy.
…there’s actually nothing ‘soft’ about these skills. They are the absolute hardest thing to do well.”


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