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Why the Best Performers Fail as Managers – 15 Keys to Success

  Why are promotions potentially dangerous for both the person being promoted and the organization promoting them? Why do great performers fail as managers? Let me share some key learning about these issues that come from over three decades of addressing them in our teaching, consulting, and coaching. In many organizations, the current top individual […]

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The Biggest Lie of the MBA //

The Biggest Lie of the MBA

Just like the emperor with no clothes, many MBA programs wear the clothes of leadership through their marketing, but that leadership is invisible without the corresponding development of new skills. There is an approach that addresses that gap.

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How to Elevate Your Leadership Impact by Getting Out of the Blind Spot //

How to Elevate Your Leadership Impact by Getting Out of the Blind Spot

How’s your leadership impact? Would you like to produce more of it in the world: more value, more meaning, more contribution, and more vitality? Do you want to advance your career, improve your team’s performance, change your organization’s culture, or elevate the results of your business? Our culture has a blind spot around leadership. With […]

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Enabling Leaders to Create Possibilities, Action and Value

How to Cultivate a Culture of Excellence

What is your relationship with excellence? Are you never satisfied? Is mediocrity good enough? Is it a source of satisfaction or suffering for you and those around you? How does the culture you work in hold excellence? Does excellence disappear due to the demand for “more”?  Is it a slogan that isn’t reflected in action? […]

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The Human Roots of Successful Business

What makes business successful? What are the roots of success? And how does this success correlate to the people in the business and to the relationship of the business with its customers? What are the human roots of successful business? We often hear of CEO’s and executives saying that the most valuable asset in their […]

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Leading Successful Innovation – from Mystery to Skills

  Innovation is a mystery for most people, though there are a very few that seem to have a knack for it. There are also the rare few who are serial innovators, but their success does not seem to illuminate the process for the rest of us. Amazon has over nine thousand books with “innovation” […]

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Leadership for a Good Life

The topic of leadership often brings to mind a bright side: people making a positive impact with others, often producing extraordinary accomplishments together, and “leading the charge” to get outcomes to happen.  It is also often thought of as having more freedom and authority than other roles – the freedom to choose and make things […]

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Taking Excellent Teams to Even Higher Levels of Accomplishment

How to we add value to teams that are already excellent, even standard setters? Let’s begin by looking at the dark side of achieving excellence. One pitfall for teams that have achieved a level of excellence is to rest on their laurels and lose their hunger for improvement.  The danger of being the best is […]

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Elevating Organizational Performance – New Thinking for New Results

Organizations exist to take actions to produce valuable outcomes, and the concern for performance is fundamental and inescapable for their members and their leaders.  They must meet competitive challenges, adjust to changing world markets, integrate needed innovations, and learn to build value with their customers. Even non-profits must face the assessment of their effectiveness from […]

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Optimizing High Performance Teams to Meet Business Challenges

By Bob Dunham Jim Collins, in his book Good to Great, identifies only a small number of companies that create an extraordinary level of success compared to the mainstream.  It’s possible, but rare. There is an even bigger challenge for teams and organizations – survival. The business literature is also full of stories of successful […]

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