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Trust Matters and Matters of Trust //

Trust Matters and Matters of Trust

Trust is crucial to success and is the very medium of human interaction and coordination. We share the future with those we trust, and we withdraw from, avoid, put up with, blame, resent, or compensate with a cost for those we don’t. Trust is crucial for effective teamwork and organizations, it’s a lubricant for smooth […]

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Difficult choices of a businessman

Tap Into Your Power of Not Knowing – Create New Possibilities

What is your relationship with “not knowing?” For most people, it’s a barrier. It means that we are stopped and can’t act where we don’t know. We wouldn’t have a person do surgery on us if they didn’t know surgery. So why would we pursue something if we don’t know how, haven’t been trained in […]

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How to Walk Your Path to Leadership Mastery

One of the paths of leadership leads to mastery. Is this your path? How do you know this is your path? Leadership is a journey, not just a state of authority, and authority is not the final destination.  Rather, it is the beginning. Where do you go from there? What are the outcomes you are […]

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Leadership Presence - Where Are You? //

Leadership Presence – Where Are You?

I once worked for a boss who tried to say the right words, but they never rang true. He didn’t show up with his heart, energy, and presence in alignment with his words.  He produced distrust in me and other team members, and a desire to avoid interacting with him. I eventually got myself onto […]

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Taking Excellent Teams to Even Higher Levels of Accomplishment

How to we add value to teams that are already excellent, even standard setters? Let’s begin by looking at the dark side of achieving excellence. One pitfall for teams that have achieved a level of excellence is to rest on their laurels and lose their hunger for improvement.  The danger of being the best is […]

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We Don’t Have Time to Rush – Part 1

By Julio Olalla and Robert Dunham Major dislocations in how our societies operate in the world are coming, and we have seen a preview with the global financial recession of 2008.  Despite widespread scientific analyses of global issues including the causes of global warming, depletion of fisheries, reaching peak oil while energy demand is spiking, […]

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Guest Blog – Terrie Lupberger: Busting the “Soft Skill” Myth

In many companies today, all over the world, you still hear the term ‘soft skills’ referred to by leaders, managers and HR professionals.  It’s a myth that just won’t die. Actually, there is NO such thing as soft skills.  The so-called soft skills people refer to such as the ability to communicate effectively , develop […]

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Where Are You?

It’s funny how we can be next to someone, but not be with them. It makes me sad to see couples in restaurants sharing a meal, but in silence, not even sharing eye contact.  And we have all had the experience of having our attention wander when we’re interacting with someone else, or trying to […]

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When the World Breaks

How do we lead and help people when the world breaks? On March 11, 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi and the Fukushima Daini nuclear power plants experienced a severe earthquake, followed by a tsunami.  TheNew York Times reported on March 26: “In the country that gave the world the word tsunami, the Japanese nuclear establishment largely disregarded the […]

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