3 Steps To Coaching Excellence In Organizations

Foundations of Generative Leadership Workshop

The first chapter in Coaching Excellence in Organizations is through the Foundations of Generative Leadership (FGL) workshop. The FGL takes you past the blind spots of mainstream culture to explore how the aspects of communication, coordination, language, emotions, and embodied learning enable us to more powerfully generate the future we care about instead of living with our unexamined limits. It focuses on real world skills and strategies, and introduces you to practices to go beyond concepts to embodied skills in action.

You are invited to a three-day experience that will shift your future and that of the teams, organizations, or communities you coach. This experience amplifies and augments the skills that you already have and opens up new dimensions of leadership impact, to invent a better future for yourself, your family, your organization, and your community.

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Excellence in Generative Leadership Program

Building on your learning in the Foundations for Generative Leadership is Excellence in Generative Leadership, a 4 month, intensive practice program designed to elevate your coaching value and impact. The EGL is a pre-requisite to our longer program – the Coaching Excellence in Organizations Program (CEO).

You will apply the power of what is introduced in the FGL workshop learning: key practice areas that impact coordination and results, deepen your somatic awareness and capacities, and create more value, impact, and facility with coordination, taking care, and producing results for your practice and your coachees. You will be able to coach and lead teams and team performance at a new level. Your newly developed skills will meet and overcome advanced coachee challenges like how to elevate performance, deal with poor communication, resolve breakdowns, address distrust, produce moods for success, and create new professional value.

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CEO Program

Your third step is 8 months of the Coaching Excellence in Organizations Program (CEO) to complete a year of developing your coaching to a new level. These steps produce the depth and power to coach more effective teams, build your coaching and leadership impact, and see the bigger landscape of organizations that helps you create and fulfill possibilities for your clients and their value and impact in the world.

For those professional coaches looking to fully augment and amplify their value, the program provides the option to continue for two more years, deepening your capacities for coaching excellence, generative leadership, innovation, and value creation. This is the only graduate-level coach development program offered that amplifies your results through on-the-job practices of coordination.  Nothing else like this exists in the coach training world. Bob Dunham, the founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership, is your lead instructor in  supporting you to elevate your leadership and coaching impact.

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